Vol.54, No.3, 2020-Table of Contents
  • Position and Velocity Time Delay for Suppression Vibrations of a Hybrid Rayleigh-Van der Pol-Duffing Oscillator
  • Abstract In this paper, we used time delay feedback to minimize the vibrations of a hybrid Rayleigh–van der Pol–Duffing oscillator. This system is a one-degree-offreedom containing the cubic and fifth nonlinear terms and an external force. We applied the multiple scales method to get the solution from first approximation. Graphically and numerically, we studied the system before and after adding time delay feedback at the primary resonance case (Ω ≌ ω). We used MATLAB program to simulate the efficacy of different parameters and the time delay on the main system. More
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  • Cochlear Synaptopathy Following Noise Exposure in Guinea Pigs: Its Electrophysiological and Histological Assessments
  • Abstract Exposure to high level of noise, may cause the permanent cochlear synaptic degeneration. In present study, a model of noise induced cochlear synaptopathy was established and the electrophysiological and histological metrics for its assessment was designed. 6 guinea pigs were subjected to a synaptopathic noise (octave band of 4 kHz at 104 dB SPL, for 2-h). The amplitude growth curve of Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) wave-I and wave-III latency shift in presence of noise were calculated. These indexes were considered in pre-exposure, 1 day post exposure (1DPE), 1 week post exposure (1WPE) and 1 month post exposure (1MPE) to noise.… More
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  • Frequencies of Lock Gate Structure Coupled with Reservoir Fluid
  • Abstract This study determines the natural frequencies of the lock gate structure, considering the coupled effect of reservoir fluid on one side using the finite element method (FEM). The gate is assumed to be a uniformly thick plate, and its material is isotropic, homogeneous, and elastic. The reservoir fluid is assumed to be inviscid and incompressible in an irrotational flow field. The length of the reservoir domain is truncated using the far boundary condition by adopting the Fourier series expansion theory. Two different assumptions on the free surface, i.e., undisturbed and linearized, are considered in the fluid domain analysis. The computer… More
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