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  • Application of Energy Finite Element Method to High-frequency Structural-acoustic Coupling of an Aircraft Cabin with Truncated Conical Shape
  • Abstract Energy finite element method (EFEM) is a new method to solve high-frequency structural-acoustic coupling problems, but its use has been limited to solving simple structures such as rods, beams, plates and combined structures. In this paper, the high-frequency structural-acoustic coupling characteristics of an aircraft cabin are simulated by regarding the shell as a number of flat shell elements connected with a certain angle in EFEM. Two tests validated the method employed in this paper. First, the structural response analysis of a cylinder was calculated in two ways: dividing the shell by axis-symmetric shells after deriving the governing equation of axis-symmetric…
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  • Efficient Cohomology Computation for Electromagnetic Modeling
  • Abstract The systematic potential design is of high importance in computational electromagnetics. For example, it is well known that when the efficient eddy-current formulations based on a magnetic scalar potential are employed in problems which involve conductive regions with holes, the so-calledthick cutsare needed to make the boundary value problem well defined. Therefore, a considerable effort has been invested over the past twenty-five years to develop fast and general algorithms to compute thick cuts automatically. Nevertheless, none of the approaches proposed in literature meet all the requirements of being automatic, computationally efficient and general. In this paper, an automatic, computationally efficient…
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  • Reconstruction of Boundary Data in Two-Dimensional Isotropic Linear Elasticity from Cauchy Data Using an Iterative MFS Algorithm
  • Abstract We investigate the implementation of the method of fundamental solutions (MFS), in an iterative manner, for the algorithm of Kozlov, Maz'ya and Fomin (1991) in the case of the Cauchy problem in two-dimensional isotropic linear elasticity. At every iteration, two mixed well-posed and direct problems are solved using the Tikhonov regularization method, while the optimal value of the regularization parameter is chosen according to the generalized cross-validation (GCV) criterion. An efficient regularizing stopping criterion is also presented. The iterative MFS algorithm is tested for Cauchy problems for isotropic linear elastic materials to confirm the numerical convergence, stability and accuracy of…
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  • Unconditionally Stable Convergence with Power Principle-based Time-Integration Schemes
  • Abstract This manuscript introduces a novel sufficient condition for the unconditionally stable convergence of the general class of trapezoidal integrators. Contrary to standard energy-based approaches, this convergence criterion is derived from the power principles, in terms of both balance and dissipation. This result improves the well-known condition of stable convergence based on the energy method, extending its applicative spectrum to a variety of physical problems, whose constitutive prescriptions may be more appropriately characterized by means of evolving field equations. Our treatment, tailored for generalized trapezoidal integrators, addresses both linear and nonlinear problems, extending its applicability to contexts where standard energy-based schemes…
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  • Finite Element Analysis of Discrete Circular Dislocations
  • Abstract The present work gives a systematic and rigorous implementation of (edge type) circular Volterra dislocation loops in ordinary axisymmetric finite elements using the thermal analogue and the integral representation of dislocations through stresses. The accuracy of the proposed method is studied in problems where analytical solutions exist. The full fields are given for loop dislocations in isotropic and anisotropic crystals and the Peach-Koehler forces are calculated for loops approaching free surfaces and bimaterial interfaces. The results are expected to be very important in the analysis of plastic yield strength, giving quantitative results regarding the influence of grain boundaries, interstitial particles,…
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  • Sustained Drug Release from Contact Lenses
  • Abstract This paper focuses on the release of an ophthalmic drug (flurbiprofen) from a loaded copolymer where the drug is simultaneously dispersed in the polymeric matrix and entrapped in particles. The copolymer is based in 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate co-methacrylic acid and silicone is used to prepare the loaded particles. A mathematical model to simulate the drug release is proposed and a qualitative analysis is performed. In vitro experimental results are compared with simulation results. Contact lens made from the presented copolymer are expected to deliver drug at therapeutical levels for a few days.
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  • Reduced Polynomials and Their Generation in Adomian Decomposition Methods
  • Abstract Adomian polynomials are constituted of reduced polynomials and derivatives of nonlinear operator. The reduced polynomials are independent of the form of the nonlinear operator. A recursive algorithm of the reduced polynomials is discovered and its symbolic implementation by the software Mathematica is given. As a result, a new and convenient algorithm for the Adomian polynomials is obtained.
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  • A Flexible Approach for the Calibration of Biplanar Radiography of the Spine on Conventional Radiological Systems
  • Abstract This paper presents a new method for the calibration of biplanar radiography that makes possible performing 3D reconstructions of the spine using conventional radiological systems. A novel approach is proposed in which a measuring device is used for determining focal distance and have a rough estimation of translation parameters. Using these data, 3D reconstructions of the spine with correct scale were successfully obtained without the need of calibration objects, something that was not previously achieved. For superior results, two optional steps may be executed that involve an optimisation of the geometrical parameters, followed by a scale adjustment with a very…
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  • Nonlinear Vibration of the Double-Beams Assembly Subjected to A.C. Electrostatic Force
  • Abstract In this study, the mathematical model of double-beams assembly subjected to the a.c. electrostatic force is established. This is helpful for designing sensors and actuators. The boundary condition of this system is nonlinear and time-dependent. Obviously, this system is very complicated. A new solution method is here developed to derive the analytical solution. Because the a.c. electrostatic force includes the static and harmonic forces, the system is divided into the nonlinear static and dynamic subsystems. The exact static solution is presented. In the other hand, the boundary conditions of the dynamic subsystem are nonlinear and time-dependent. First, using the balanced…
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