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  • Rayleigh-Type Wave in A Rotated Piezoelectric Crystal Imperfectly Bonded on a Dielectric Substrate
  • Abstract Propagation characteristics of Rayleigh-type wave in a piezoelectric layered system are theoretically investigated. The piezoelectric layer is considered as a cubic crystal with finite thickness rotated about Y-axis and is imperfectly bonded onto a semi-infinite dielectric substrate. The imperfect interface between the two constituents is assumed to be mechanically compliant and dielectrically weakly conducting. The exact dispersion relations for electrically open or shorted boundary conditions are obtained. The numerical results show that the phase velocity of Rayleigh-type wave is symmetric with respect to the cut orientation of 45。 and can achieve the maximum propagation speed in this orientation. The mechanical…
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  • An Improved Method for Web Text Affective Cognition Computing Based on Knowledge Graph
  • Abstract The goal of research on the topics such as sentiment analysis and cognition is to analyze the opinions, emotions, evaluations and attitudes that people hold about the entities and their attributes from the text. The word level affective cognition becomes an important topic in sentiment analysis. Extracting the (attribute, opinion word) binary relationship by word segmentation and dependency parsing, and labeling those by existing emotional dictionary combined with webpage information and manual annotation, this paper constitutes a binary relationship knowledge base. By using knowledge embedding method, embedding each element in (attribute, opinion, opinion word) as a word vector into the…
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  • Quantum Homomorphic Signature with Repeatable Verification
  • Abstract In January 2015, the first quantum homomorphic signature scheme was proposed creatively. However, only one verifier is allowed to verify a signature once in this scheme. In order to support repeatable verification for general scenario, we propose a new quantum homomorphic signature scheme with repeatable verification by introducing serial verification model and parallel verification model. Serial verification model solves the problem of signature verification by combining key distribution and Bell measurement. Parallel verification model solves the problem of signature duplication by logically treating one particle of an EPR pair as a quantum signature and physically preparing a new EPR pair.…
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  • Controlled Secure Direct Communication Protocol via the Three-Qubit Partially Entangled Set of States
  • Abstract In this paper, we first re-examine the previous protocol of controlled quantum secure direct communication of Zhang et al.’s scheme, which was found insecure under two kinds of attacks, fake entangled particles attack and disentanglement attack. Then, by changing the party of the preparation of cluster states and using unitary operations, we present an improved protocol which can avoid these two kinds of attacks. Moreover, the protocol is proposed using the three-qubit partially entangled set of states. It is more efficient by only using three particles rather than four or even more to transmit one bit secret information. Given our…
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  • Investigation on the Chinese Text Sentiment Analysis Based on Convolutional Neural Networks in Deep Learning
  • Abstract Nowadays, the amount of wed data is increasing at a rapid speed, which presents a serious challenge to the web monitoring. Text sentiment analysis, an important research topic in the area of natural language processing, is a crucial task in the web monitoring area. The accuracy of traditional text sentiment analysis methods might be degraded in dealing with mass data. Deep learning is a hot research topic of the artificial intelligence in the recent years. By now, several research groups have studied the sentiment analysis of English texts using deep learning methods. In contrary, relatively few works have so far…
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  • Yield Stress Prediction Model of RAFM Steel Based on the Improved GDM-SA-SVR Algorithm
  • Abstract With the development of society and the exhaustion of fossil energy, researcher need to identify new alternative energy sources. Nuclear energy is a very good choice, but the key to the successful application of nuclear technology is determined primarily by the behavior of nuclear materials in reactors. Therefore, we studied the radiation performance of the fusion material reduced activation ferritic/martensitic (RAFM) steel. The main novelty of this paper are the statistical analysis of RAFM steel data sets through related statistical analysis and the formula derivation of the gradient descent method (GDM) which combines the gradient descent search strategy of the…
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  • An Automated Player Detection and Tracking in Basketball Game
  • Abstract Vision-based player recognition is critical in sports applications. Accuracy, efficiency, and Low memory utilization is alluring for ongoing errands, for example, astute communicates and occasion classification. We developed an algorithm that tracks the movements of different players from a video of a basketball game. With their position tracked, we then proceed to map the position of these players onto an image of a basketball court. The purpose of tracking player is to provide the maximum amount of information to basketball coaches and organizations, so that they can better design mechanisms of defence and attack. Overall, our model has a high…
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  • Optimal Building Frame Column Design Based on the Genetic Algorithm
  • Abstract Building structure is like the skeleton of the building, it bears the effects of various forces and forms a supporting system, which is the material basis on which the building depends. Hence building structure design is a vital part in architecture design, architects often explore novel applications of their technologies for building structure innovation. However, such searches relied on experiences, expertise or gut feeling. In this paper, a new design method for the optimal building frame column design based on the genetic algorithm is proposed. First of all, in order to construct the optimal model of the building frame column,…
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  • RETRACTED: Implementation System of Human Eye Tracking Algorithm Based on FPGA
  • Abstract With the high-speed development of transportation industry, highway traffic safety has become a considerable problem. Meanwhile, with the development of embedded system and hardware chip, in recent years, human eye detection eye tracking and positioning technology have been more and more widely used in man-machine interaction, security access control and visual detection.
    In this paper, the high parallelism of FPGA was utilized to realize an elliptical approximate real-time human eye tracking system, which was achieved by the series register structure and random sample consensus (RANSAC), thus improving the speed of image processing without using external memory. Because eye images acquired by…
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  • Adaptive Median Filtering Algorithm Based on Divide and Conquer and Its Application in CAPTCHA Recognition
  • Abstract As the first barrier to protect cyberspace, the CAPTCHA has made significant contributions to maintaining Internet security and preventing malicious attacks. By researching the CAPTCHA, we can find its vulnerability and improve the security of CAPTCHA. Recently, many studies have shown that improving the image preprocessing effect of the CAPTCHA, which can achieve a better recognition rate by the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. There are many kinds of noise and distortion in the CAPTCHA images of this experiment. We propose an adaptive median filtering algorithm based on divide and conquer in this paper. Firstly, the filtering window data quickly sorted…
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