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  • A Novel Heuristic Algorithm for the Modeling and Risk Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic Phenomenon
  • Abstract The modeling and risk assessment of a pandemic phenomenon such as COVID-19 is an important and complicated issue in epidemiology, and such an attempt is of great interest for public health decision-making. To this end, in the present study, based on a recent heuristic algorithm proposed by the authors, the time evolution of COVID-19 is investigated for six different countries/states, namely New York, California, USA, Iran, Sweden and UK. The number of COVID-19-related deaths is used to develop the proposed heuristic model as it is believed that the predicted number of daily deaths in each country/state includes information about the…
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  • Least-Square Support Vector Machine and Wavelet Selection for Hearing Loss Identi
  • Abstract Hearing loss (HL) is a kind of common illness, which can significantly reduce the quality of life. For example, HL often results in mishearing, misunderstanding, and communication problems. Therefore, it is necessary to provide early diagnosis and timely treatment for HL. This study investigated the advantages and disadvantages of three classical machine learning methods: multilayer perceptron (MLP), support vector machine (SVM), and least-square support vector machine (LS-SVM) approach and made a further optimization of the LS-SVM model via wavelet entropy. The investigation illustrated that themultilayer perceptron is a shallowneural network,while the least square support vector machine uses hinge loss function…
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  • Study on the Online Reforming of Low Concentration Alcohol as Vehicle Fuel
  • Abstract This research studied catalytic reforming mechanism of low concentration alcohol, analyzed the producing conditions and influencing factors of a mixture of combustible gas, took an analysis towards the composition of the mixture produced by reforming, and studied the respective effects of temperature, traffic, alcohol concentration and catalyst on the components of mixed gas. It is found that, under different working conditions of the engine, the external condition of the reforming reaction changes, and the composition of the reforming gas will differ as well. As a result, the optimum air-fuel ratio of the engine must at the same time adapt to…
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  • Analysis of the Mechanism and Effectiveness of Lignin in Improving the High-Temperature Thermal Stability of Asphalt
  • Abstract The use of lignin, which is a by-product of the pulp and paper industry, in the development of asphalt binders would contribute to waste reduction, providing environmental, economic, and social benefits. In this study, samples of lignin-modified asphalt binder samples with different content of lignin (3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, and 15%) and unmodified asphalt (control) were tested using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), dynamic shear rheometer (DSR), and thermogravimetry. The mechanism and effectiveness of lignin in improving the thermal stability of asphalt at high temperatures were analyzed. The FTIR analysis shows that no new characteristic absorption peak is seen in…
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  • Robust Design Optimization and Improvement by Metamodel
  • Abstract The robust design optimization (RDO) is an effective method to improve product performance with uncertainty factors. The robust optimal solution should be not only satisfied the probabilistic constraints but also less sensitive to the variation of design variables. There are some important issues in RDO, such as how to judge robustness, deal with multi-objective problem and black-box situation. In this paper, two criteria are proposed to judge the deterministic optimal solution whether satisfies robustness requirment. The robustness measure based on maximum entropy is proposed. Weighted sum method is improved to deal with the objective function, and the basic framework of…
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  • Topp-Leone Odd Fréchet Generated Family of Distributions with Applications to COVID-19 Data Sets
  • Abstract Recent studies have pointed out the potential of the odd Fréchet family (or class) of continuous distributions in fitting data of all kinds. In this article, we propose an extension of this family through the so-called “Topp-Leone strategy”, aiming to improve its overall flexibility by adding a shape parameter. The main objective is to offer original distributions with modifiable properties, from which adaptive and pliant statistical models can be derived. For the new family, these aspects are illustrated by the means of comprehensive mathematical and numerical results. In particular, we emphasize a special distribution with three parameters based on the…
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  • A Multi-View Gait Recognition Method Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Channel Attention Mechanism
  • Abstract In many existing multi-view gait recognition methods based on images or video sequences, gait sequences are usually used to superimpose and synthesize images and construct energy-like template. However, information may be lost during the process of compositing image and capture EMG signals. Errors and the recognition accuracy may be introduced and affected respectively by some factors such as period detection. To better solve the problems, a multi-view gait recognition method using deep convolutional neural network and channel attention mechanism is proposed. Firstly, the sliding time window method is used to capture EMG signals. Then, the back-propagation learning algorithm is used…
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  • Research on Trajectory Tracking Method of Redundant Manipulator Based on PSO Algorithm Optimization
  • Abstract Aiming at the problem that the trajectory tracking performance of redundant manipulator corresponding to the target position is difficult to optimize, the trajectory tracking method of redundant manipulator based on PSO algorithm optimization is studied. The kinematic diagram of redundant manipulator is created, to derive the equation of motion trajectory of redundant manipulator end. Pseudo inverse Jacobi matrix is used to solve the problem of manipulator redundancy. Based on the tracking ellipse of redundant manipulator, the tracking shape of redundant manipulator is determined with the overall tracking index as the second index, and the optimization method of tracking index is…
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