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  • Research on Sensor Network Coverage Enhancement Based on Non-Cooperative Games
  • Abstract Coverage is an important issue for resources rational allocation, cognitive tasks completion in sensor networks. The mobility, communicability and learning ability of smart sensors have received much attention in the past decade. Based on the deep study of game theory, a mobile sensor non-cooperative game model is established for the sensor network deployment and a local information-based topology control (LITC) algorithm for coverage enhancement is proposed. We both consider revenue of the monitoring events and neighboring sensors to avoid nodes aggregation when formulating the utility function. We then prove that the non-cooperative game is an exact potential game in which…
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  • GaiaWorld: A Novel Blockchain System Based on Competitive PoS Consensus Mechanism
  • Abstract The birth of blockchain has promoted the development of electronic currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain builds a financial system based on cryptology instead of credit, which allows parties to complete the transaction on their own without the need for credible third-party intermediaries. So far, the application scenario of blockchain is mainly confined to the peer-to-peer electronic financial system, which obviously does not fully utilize the potential of blockchain.
    In this paper, we introduce GaiaWorld, a new system for decentralized application. To solve the problem of resource waste and mismatch between nodes and computing power in traditional PoW…
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  • An Efficient Greedy Traffic Aware Routing Scheme for Internet of Vehicles
  • Abstract A new paradigm of VANET has emerged in recent years: Internet of Vehicles (IoV). These networks are formed on the roads and streets between travellers who have relationships, interactions and common social interests. Users of these networks exchange information of common interest, for example, traffic jams and dangers on the way. They can also exchange files such as multimedia files. IoV is considered as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) where objects are vehicles, which can create a multitude of services dedicated to the intelligent transportation system. The interest is to permit to all connected vehicles to communicate with…
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  • High Precision SAR ADC Using CNTFET for Internet of Things
  • Abstract A high precision 10-bit successive approximation register analog to digital converter (ADC) designed and implemented in 32nm CNTFET process technology at the supply of 0.6V, with 73.24 dB SNDR at a sampling rate of 640 MS/s with the average power consumption of 120.2 μW for the Internet of things node. The key components in CNTFET SAR ADCs are binary scaled charge redistribution digital to analog converter using MOS capacitors, CNTFET based dynamic latch comparator and simple SAR digital code error correction logic. These techniques are used to increase the sampling rate and precision while ensuring the linearity, power consumption and…
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  • Failure Prediction, Lead Time Estimation and Health Degree Assessment for Hard Disk Drives Using Voting Based Decision Trees
  • Abstract Hard Disk drives (HDDs) are an essential component of cloud computing and big data, responsible for storing humongous volumes of collected data. However, HDD failures pose a huge challenge to big data servers and cloud service providers. Every year, about 10% disk drives used in servers crash at least twice, lead to data loss, recovery cost and lower reliability. Recently, the researchers have used SMART parameters to develop various prediction techniques, however, these methods need to be improved for reliability and real-world usage due to the following factors: they lack the ability to consider the gradual change/deterioration of HDDs; they…
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  • Localization Based Evolutionary Routing (LOBER) for Efficient Aggregation in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Abstract Efficient aggregation in wireless sensor nodes helps reduce network traffic and reduce energy consumption. The objective of this work Localization Based Evolutionary Routing (LOBER) is to achieve global optimization for aggregation and WMSN lifetime. Improved localization is achieved by a novel Centroid Based Octant Localization (CBOL) technique considering an arbitrary hexagonal region. Geometric principles of hexagon are used to locate the unknown nodes in the centroid positions of partitioned regions. Flower pollination algorithm, a meta heuristic evolutionary algorithm that is extensively applied in solving real life, complex and nonlinear optimization problems in engineering and industry is modified as Enhanced Flower…
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  • Dynamic Analysis of a Horizontal Oscillatory Cutting Brush
  • Abstract Street sweeping is an important public service, as it has an impact on aesthetics and public health. Typically, sweeping vehicles have a gutter brush that sweeps the debris that lies in the road gutter. As most of the debris is located in the gutter, the effective operation of the gutter brush is important. The aim of this work is to study the performance of a type of gutter brush, the cutting brush, through a 3D dynamic (transient), large deflection finite element model developed by the authors. In this brush model, the brush mounting board is modelled as fixed, and, consequently,…
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  • Retinal Vessel Extraction Framework Using Modified Adaboost Extreme Learning Machine
  • Abstract An explicit extraction of the retinal vessel is a standout amongst the most significant errands in the field of medical imaging to analyze both the ophthalmological infections, for example, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) as well as non retinal sickness such as stroke, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The state of the retinal vasculature is a significant indicative element in the field of ophthalmology. Retinal vessel extraction in fundus imaging is a difficult task because of varying size vessels, moderately low distinction, and presence of pathologies such as hemorrhages, microaneurysms etc. Manual vessel extraction…
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  • Robust Re-Weighted Multi-View Feature Selection
  • Abstract In practical application, many objects are described by multi-view features because multiple views can provide a more informative representation than the single view. When dealing with the multi-view data, the high dimensionality is often an obstacle as it can bring the expensive time consumption and an increased chance of over-fitting. So how to identify the relevant views and features is an important issue. The matrix-based multi-view feature selection that can integrate multiple views to select relevant feature subset has aroused widely concern in recent years. The existing supervised multi-view feature selection methods usually concatenate all views into the long vectors…
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  • MalDetect: A Structure of Encrypted Malware Traffic Detection
  • Abstract Recently, TLS protocol has been widely used to secure the application data carried in network traffic. It becomes more difficult for attackers to decipher messages through capturing the traffic generated from communications of hosts. On the other hand, malwares adopt TLS protocol when accessing to internet, which makes most malware traffic detection methods, such as DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), ineffective. Some literatures use statistical method with extracting the observable data fields exposed in TLS connections to train machine learning classifiers so as to infer whether a traffic flow is malware or not. However, most of them adopt the features based…
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