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  • A Note on the Transient Electrohydrodynamics of a Liquid Drop
  • Abstract The evolution of the flow field in and around a liquid drop in a unifor-m electric field for fluid systems corresponding to region (II) of the circulation-deformation map is fundamentally different than that for the rest of the map and has not been explored before. This is examined here and justified mathematical-ly. Furthermore a methodology is developed to predict the flow pattern, which is likely to be helpful in predicting the evolution of the flow field in more complex circumstances.
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  • Optimizing the Design of PV Solar Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO/PV) by using Genetic Algorithms for Abu Dhabi Climate
  • Abstract The economic progress in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) induces to a significant increase in the demand for agricultural development. In Emirates the majority of the farms are irrigated by underground water, characterized by a high level of salinity. Liwa, Al Ain and Al Khatem areas are suffering from high water well salinity that exceeds 20,000 ppm. This work focuses on this problem and suggests a suitable solution allowing the use of renewable energy (Solar Photovoltaic) to drive RO desalination units. An optimal design of RO/PV unit adapted to a typical farm in Abu Dhabi was suggested using a model…
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  • Analytical and Numerical Study of the Evaporation on Mixed Convection in aVertical Rectangular Cavity
  • Abstract We consider an ascending laminar air flow in a vertical channel formed by two parallel flat plates wetted by a thin water film and under different temperature and concentration conditions. The study includes a numerical finite volume method for the treatment of the double diffusion problem, where the analytical solution is given to the thermal diffusion. The analytical study showed that the reversed flow is observed only under some wall temperature conditions and also for certain values of Re/Gr. The reversed flow is also strongly dependent on the aspect ratio A2, which is based on the cross section of the…
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  • Method of Receive a Nanoparticles of Noble Metals with Average Size Less Than 3 nm for LSPR Research
  • Abstract The paper presents a simple although effective method of obtaining gold and silver nanoparticles of average size of less than 3 nm. The nanoparticles were obtained by the Bredig’s electric arc method. Then colloidal preparations were centrifuged with acceleration equals to 29000 xg. It has been showed that subjecting the colloid to the hour centrifugation process repeated four times allows to obtain nanoparticles whose size does not exceed 5 nm. The nanoparticles prepared using this method were characterized by a high purity that depended only on the water and the cleanliness of the noble metal wire which have been used.…
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  • Investigation of the Melting Coupled Natural Convection of Nano Phase Change Material: A Fan Less Cooling of Heat Sources
  • Abstract A two-dimensional numerical model that accounts for heat transfer by conduction and natural convection in the molten region of nano enhanced Phase Change Material (PCM) is performed. Numerical investigations were conducted using an enthalpy- porosity method in order to examine the impact of the dispersion of copper (CuO) nanoparticles on the heat source temperature and the effect on the heat sink secured working time and the melting rate. Results show that heat spreads more easily along the conducting plate and to the PCM and, consequently, the PCM melts rapidly and the heat source is efficiency cooled by the addition of…
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  • Control of the Convective Flow Instabilities in a Simulated Czochralski Growth System
  • Abstract A three-dimensional time-dependent numerical study of the flow instabilities in a simulated Czochralski system is conducted. The comparison with previously published experimental results is reported. The simulations were performed using a refined grid in order to investigate flow instabilities in the crucible. Simulations have been carried out for various crystal rotational speeds, by taking into account the effects of Rayleigh and Marangoni numbers. The temperature fluctuations near the crystal/liquid interface are analyzed. The method used for that purpose is the Fast Fourier Transform with the corresponding spectra. From numerical simulations, it has been observed that for rotational speeds of the…
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  • Comparison Between the Influence of Mechanical and Electromagnetic Stirring on Aluminum Ingot Purity During Ohno Continuous Casting
  • Abstract This paper outlines the findings in the comparison of the influence of mechanical and electromagnetic stirring on ingot long term purity and uniformity during Ohno Continuous Casting. The magnitude of the average optimum velocity flow field and stirring parameters required to effectively purify aluminum ingots using mechanical stirring of the melt was determined and analyzed. Basing on the determined optimum mechanical flow field, electromagnetic parameters producing almost the same flow field near the interface were obtained through careful adjustments of parameters. Optimum parameters of the mechanical and electromagnetic stirring were obtained by numerically solving the solidification model coupled with either…
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  • Mathematical Modeling of Two Dimensional Ferrofluid Flow in Thermal and Buoyant Conditions in a Trough
  • Abstract The present problem addresses a thermally driven two-dimensional, buoyant flow in a vessel with the application of magnetic field directed in the radial and tangential direction. In the present study, a trough filled with ferrofluid is heated along the center strip by an applied heat flux. Thereby the convection pattern along with the heat distribution is observed. The half of the trough dynamics is calculated with the symmetric plane in the center. On the surface of the bowl, penalty function is applied to enforce the no-slip boundary condition. This problem is then modelled and the results are obtained for flow…
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  • Thermomagnetic Convection-Surface Radiation Interactions in Microgravity Environment
  • Abstract The numerical study of combined thermo-magnetic convection and surface radiation is presented in this paper and computations are performed for a paramagnetic fluid filled square cavity whose four walls have the same emissivity, placed in a micro-gravity environment (g ≈0), and subjected to various strong non-uniform magnetic field gradients. The vertical walls were isothermal, and the horizontal walls were adiabatic. Finite volume method based on the concepts of staggered grid and SIMPLER algorithm has been applied, and the view factors were determined by analytical formula. Representative results, illustrating the effect of magnetic field strength on streamlines, temperature contours and Nusselt…
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