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  • Topology Optimization with Aperiodic Load Fatigue Constraints Based on Bidirectional Evolutionary Structural Optimization
  • Abstract Because of descriptive nonlinearity and computational inefficiency, topology optimization with fatigue life under aperiodic loads has developed slowly. A fatigue constraint topology optimization method based on bidirectional evolutionary structural optimization (BESO) under an aperiodic load is proposed in this paper. In view of the severe nonlinearity of fatigue damage with respect to design variables, effective stress cycles are extracted through transient dynamic analysis. Based on the Miner cumulative damage theory and life requirements, a fatigue constraint is first quantified and then transformed into a stress problem. Then, a normalized termination criterion is proposed by approximate maximum stress measured by global…
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  • Unsupervised Binary Protocol Clustering Based on Maximum Sequential Patterns
  • Abstract With the rapid development of the Internet, a large number of private protocols emerge on the network. However, some of them are constructed by attackers to avoid being analyzed, posing a threat to computer network security. The blockchain uses the P2P protocol to implement various functions across the network. Furthermore, the P2P protocol format of blockchain may differ from the standard format specification, which leads to sniffing tools such as Wireshark and Fiddler not being able to recognize them. Therefore, the ability to distinguish different types of unknown network protocols is vital for network security. In this paper, we propose…
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  • Numerical Aspects of Isogeometric Boundary Element Methods: (Nearly) Singular Quadrature, Trimmed NURBS and Surface Crack Modeling
  • Abstract This work presents some numerical aspects of isogeometric boundary element methods (IGABEM). The behavior of hyper-singular and nearly-singular integration is first explored on the distorted NURBS surface. Several numerical treatments are proposed to enhance the quadrature in the framework of isogeometric analysis. Then a numerical implementation of IGABEM on the trimmed NURBS is detailed. Based on this idea, the surface crack problem is modeled incorporation with the phantom element method. The proposed method allows the crack to intersect with the boundary of the body while preserving the original parametrization of the NURBS-based CAD geometry.
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  • Approximation by Szász Type Operators Involving Apostol-Genocchi Polynomials
  • Abstract The goal of this paper is to give a form of the operator involving the generating function of Apostol-Genocchi polynomials of order α. Applying the Korovkin theorem, we arrive at the convergence of the operator with the aid of moments and central moments. We determine the rate of convergence of the operator using several tools such as -functional, modulus of continuity, second modulus of continuity. We also give a type of Voronovskaya theorem for estimating error. Moreover, we investigate some results about convergence properties of the operator in a weighted space. Finally, we give numerical examples to support our theorems…
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  • Design of Multi-Coupled Laminates with Extension-Twisting Coupling for Application in Adaptive Structures
  • Abstract The multiple coupling of composite laminates has a unique advantage in improving the macro mechanical properties of composite structures. A total of three hygro-thermally stable multi-coupled laminates with extension-twisting coupling were presented, which were conducive to the formation of passive adaptive structures. Then, the multi-coupled laminates were used to design the bending-twisting coupled box structure, in which the configuration of laminate and box structure could be extended to variable cross-section configuration. The optimal design of stacking sequence was realized, the optimization objectives of which were to maximize bending-twisting coupling of box structure and extension-twisting coupling of laminate, respectively. The effects…
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  • Melting Characteristics of a Phase Change Material Mixed with Nano Particles of Cobalt Oxide Bounded in a Trapezoidal Structure
  • Abstract A novel trapezoidal design for storage of heat energy through melting of phase-change material (PCM) is investigated. Latent heat thermal energy storage system (LHTES) is a promising option to diminish mis-match between energy consumption and supply. For this purpose, Paraffin: Rubitherm-35 (RT35) material is successively melted in aluminum structure which is heated from one side and the other sides are kept adiabatic. Melting of PCM is observed experimentally and melt fronts are photographed for various time lengths. The fluid-solid module in COMSOL Multiphysics 5.4 has been utilized. The transient heat conduction with enthalpy function is hired. Simulations are carried out…
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  • Bioconvection Mangnetohydrodynamic Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Flow with Quartic Chemical Reaction Past a Paraboloid Surface
  • Abstract In this numerical study, the effect of quartic autocatalysis type of chemical reaction, buoyancy force and thermal radiation phenomenon and magnetic effect on tangent hyperbolic nanofluid past an upper horizontal surface of a paraboloid has been studied. By considering the Buongiorno model approach, a diffusion of unequal coefficients in the presence of gyrotactic microorganism is discussed. Implementation of microorganism's idea is used to stabilize the nanoparticles through bioconvection. The modeled PDEs of the problems are converted into nonlinear ODEs with the assistant of the similarity transformations. To tackle nonlinear ODEs, MATLAB package bvp4c is used. In addition, a hallmark of…
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  • New Concepts on Quadripartitioned Bipolar Single Valued Neutrosophic Graph
  • Abstract The partition of indeterminacy function of the neutrosophic set into the contradiction part and the ignorance part represent the quadripartitioned single valued neutrosophic set. In this work, the new concept of quadripartitioned bipolar single valued neutrosophic graph is established, and the operations on it are studied. The Cartesian product, cross product, lexicographic product, strong product and composition of quadripartitioned bipolar single valued neutrosophic graph are investigated. The proposed concepts are illustrated with examples.
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  • Attractive Multistep Reproducing Kernel Approach for Solving Stiffness Differential Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations and SomeError Analysis
  • Abstract In this paper, an efficient multi-step scheme is presented based on reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) theory for solving ordinary stiff differential systems. The solution methodology depends on reproducing kernel functions to obtain analytic solutions in a uniform form for a rapidly convergent series in the posed Sobolev space. Using the Gram-Schmidt orthogonality process, complete orthogonal essential functions are obtained in a compact field to encompass Fourier series expansion with the help of kernel properties reproduction. Consequently, by applying the standard RKHS method to each subinterval, approximate solutions that converge uniformly to the exact solutions are obtained. For this purpose,…
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