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  • Interval-Based Uncertain Multi-Objective Optimization Design of Vehicle Crashworthiness
  • Abstract In this paper, an uncertain multi-objective optimization method is suggested to deal with crashworthiness design problem of vehicle, in which the uncertainties of the parameters are described by intervals. Considering both lightweight and safety performance, structural weight and peak acceleration are selected as objectives. The occupant distance is treated as constraint. Based on interval number programming method, the uncertain optimization problem is transformed into a deterministic optimization problem. The approximation models are constructed for objective functions and constraint based on Latin Hypercube Design (LHD). Thus, the interval number programming method is combined with the approximation model to solve the uncertain…
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  • Space-Time Adaptive Fup Multi-Resolution Approach for Boundary-Initial Value Problems
  • Abstract The space-time Adaptive Fup Collocation Method (AFCM) for solving boundary-initial value problems is presented. To solve the one-dimensional initial boundary value problem, we convert the problem into a two-dimensional boundary value problem. This quasi-boundary value problem is then solved simultaneously in the space-time domain with a collocation technique and by using atomic Fup basis functions. The proposed method is a generally meshless methodology because it requires only the addition of collocation points and basis functions over the domain, instead of the classical domain discretization and numerical integration. The grid is adapted progressively by setting the threshold as a direct measure…
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  • Computational Homology, Connectedness, and Structure-Property Relations
  • Abstract The effective properties of composite materials are often strongly related to the connectivity of the material components. Many structure metrics, and related homogenization theories, do not effectively account for this connectivity. In this paper, relationships between the topology, represented via homology theory, and the effective elastic response of composite plates is investigated. The study is presented in the context of popular structure metrics such as percolation theory and correlation functions.
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  • Study of Deformation Mechanisms in Titanium by Interrupted Rolling and Channel Die Compression Tests
  • Abstract The mechanisms of small plastic deformation of titanium (T40) during cold rolling and channel die compression by means of "interrupted in situ" EBSD orientation measurements were studied. These interrupted EBSD orientation measurements allow to determine the rotation flow field which leads to the development of the crystallographic texture during the plastic deformation. Results show that during rolling, tension twins and compression twins occur and various glide systems are activated, the number of grains being larger with twins than with slip traces. In channel die compression, only tension twins are observed in some grains, whereas slip traces can be spotted in…
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  • The Colossal Piezoresistive Effect in Nickel Nanostrand Polymer Composites and a Quantum Tunneling Model
  • Abstract A novel nickel nanostrand-silicone composite material at an optimized 15 vol% filler concentration demonstrates a dramatic piezoresistive effect with a negative gauge factor (ratio of percent change in resistivity to strain). The composite volume resistivity decreases in excess of three orders of magnitude at a 60% strain. The piezoresistivity does decrease slightly as a function of cycles, but not significantly as a function of time. The material's resistivity is also temperature dependent, once again with a negative dependence.
    The evidence indicates that nickel strands are physically separated by matrix material even at high volume fractions, and points to a charge…
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  • The Scalar Homotopy Method for Solving Non-Linear Obstacle Problem
  • Abstract In this study, the nonlinear obstacle problems, which are also known as the nonlinear free boundary problems, are analyzed by the scalar homotopy method (SHM) and the finite difference method. The one- and two-dimensional nonlinear obstacle problems, formulated as the nonlinear complementarity problems (NCPs), are discretized by the finite difference method and form a system of nonlinear algebraic equations (NAEs) with the aid of Fischer-Burmeister NCP-function. Additionally, the system of NAEs is solved by the SHM, which is globally convergent and can get rid of calculating the inverse of Jacobian matrix. In SHM, by introducing a scalar homotopy function and…
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  • A Quasi-Boundary Semi-Analytical Approach for Two-Dimensional Backward Heat Conduction Problems
  • Abstract In this article, we propose a semi-analytical method to tackle the two-dimensional backward heat conduction problem (BHCP) by using a quasi-boundary idea. First, the Fourier series expansion technique is employed to calculate the temperature field u(x, y, t) at any time t < T. Second, we consider a direct regularization by adding an extra termau(x, y, 0) to reach a second-kind Fredholm integral equation for u(x, y, 0). The termwise separable property of the kernel function permits us to obtain a closed-form regularized solution. Besides, a strategy to choose the regularization parameter is suggested. When several numerical examples were tested,…
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  • On Pseudo-Elastic Models for Stress Softening in Elastomeric Balloons
  • Abstract The phenomenon of stress softening observed in the cyclic inflation of spherical balloons or membranes is quantitatively and qualitatively examined. A new measure of the stress softening extent is proposed which correctly captures the main feature of this phenomenon. This measure of the stress softening is related to the relevant response functions in the constitutive models proposed in the literature to describe this effect. Using these relationships, the predictive capability of the theoretical models is examined. It is shown that only those theoretical models which admit a non-monotone character of the stress softening can properly describe this phenomenon.
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  • Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Method for Laminate Plates under Dynamic Loading
  • Abstract A meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method is applied to solve laminate plate problems described by the Reissner-Mindlin theory. Both stationary and transient dynamic loads are analyzed here. The bending moment and the shear force expressions are obtained by integration through the laminated plate for the considered constitutive equations in each lamina. The Reissner-Mindlin theory reduces the original three-dimensional (3-D) thick plate problem to a two-dimensional (2-D) problem. Nodal points are randomly distributed over the mean surface of the considered plate. Each node is the center of a circle surrounding this node. The weak-form on small subdomains with a Heaviside step…
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