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  • Drag Reduction Characteristics of Microstructure Inspired by the Cross Section of Barchan Dunes under High Speed Flow Condition
  • Abstract A new type of microstructure inspired by the cross section of barchan dunes was proposed to reduce windage, which was considered as a passive drag reduction technology in aerospace manufacturing field. Computational fluid dynamics method was carried out to discuss the effect of the microstructure on the skin friction reduction under high velocity flow condition. Different microstructure heights were employed to survey the reduction of drag. The results illustrated that the appearance of microstructure led to a generation of pressure drag in non-smooth model (with microstructures inspired by cross section of barchan dune) in contrast to smooth model. However, the…
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  • Adsorption Properties and Cost of Dicarboxylic Nanocellulose on Copper Ions for Wastewater Treatment
  • Abstract The accumulation of Cu2+ in water is a potential threat to human health and environment. Dicarboxylic nanocellulose (DNC) with rich carboxyl groups was prepared through the NaIO4–NaClO2 sequential oxidation method to efficiently remove copper ions, and the Cu2+ adsorption properties and cost were studied. The maximum adsorption capacity reached 184.2 mg/g at pH 6 and an adsorbent dose of 5 g/L. Theoretically, the maximum adsorption capacities of monocarboxylic nanocellulose (MNC), DNC, and tricarboxylic nanocellulose (TNC) with carboxyl groups as the main adsorption sites were calculated to be 228.7, 261.3, and 148.1 mg/g, respectively. The Cu2+ adsorption costs of MNC, DNC, and TNC were…
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  • Lactoferrin-Conjugated Polylactic Acid Nanobubbles Encapsulated Perfluoropentane as a Contrast Agent for Ultrasound/Magnetic Resonance Dual-Modality Imaging
  • Abstract The development of contrast agents that can be activated by multiple modes is of great significance for tumor diagnosis. In this study, the lactoferrin (Lf)-conjugated polylactic acid (PLLA) nanobubbles (Lf-PLLA NBs) were used to encapsulate liquid perfluoropentane (PFP) with the double emulsion method, creating PFP loaded (PFP/Lf-PLLA) NBs for the ultrasound/magnetic resonance dual-modality imaging of subcutaneous tumor. The particle diameter and stability of nanobubbles were investigated by photon correlation spectroscopy. The biocompatibility of nanobubbles was preliminarily evaluated by cell proliferation and migration assay, hemolysis rate, and blood biochemistry analysis. A B-mode clinical ultrasound real-time imaging system was used to perform…
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  • Finite Element Analysis on the Uniaxial Compressive Behavior of Concrete with Large-Size Recycled Coarse Aggregate
  • Abstract To model the concrete with complex internal structure of concrete with large sized aggregates the effect of internal structure on uniaxial compression behavior are studied. Large-sized recycled aggregates behave differently in the concrete matrix. To understand the influence on concrete matrix, a finite element model was developed to model recycled aggregate concrete composed of multiple randomly distributed irregular aggregates and cement mortar. The model was used to calculate the effect of large-size recycled coarse aggregate (LRCA) on the strength of recycled aggregate concrete and simulate the compressive strength of cubes and prisms. The factors such as the strength of new…
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  • Development of Steel Slag-Based Solidification/Stabilization Materials for High Moisture Content Soil
  • Abstract To solve the problems of high moisture content, high viscosity, and poor engineering mechanical properties of soil, this paper using with steel slag (SS) and desulfurization ash (DS) as initial raw materials, realizing the cooperative treatment of solid waste and solidification of silt soil. The synergistic utilization of SS and DS can reduce the production cost of curing agent and promote its own consumption. According to blended cement of various SS contents and inspected compressive strength performances, the most suitable raw materials ratio was selected. The best formula for this curing agent is cement:steel slag = 3:7 with 5% DS, and its…
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  • High Permeability of Boron along the Transverse Direction of Wood under High-Voltage Electrostatic Field (HVEF) Treatment
  • Abstract Permeability of wood preservative is one of the most significant factors for protection of wood construction. Anisotropic flow permeability was involved in different directions of wood with higher flow resistance in the transverse and lower longitudinal directions. In this study, boron acid solution was brushed onto the tangential section of air-dried wood cubes and boron penetration along wood transverse direction was investigated under free diffusion, vacuum and HVEF treatments. Multi-scale boron distribution, FTIR measurement, leaching property, mechanical properties and fungistatic characteristic were investigated for free diffusion, vacuum and HVEF treated samples respectively. The results revealed that boron exhibited high permeability…
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  • A Comprehensive Review on Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Abstract The focus of microbial fuel cell research in recent years has been on the development of materials, microbes, and transfer of charges in the system, resulting in a substantial improvement in current density and improved power generation. The cathode is generally recognized as the limiting factor due to its high-distance proton transfer, slow oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), and expensive materials. The heterogeneous reaction determines power generation in MFC. This comprehensive review describes-recent advancements in the development of cathode materials and catalysts associated with ORR. The recent studies indicated the utilization of different metal oxides, the ferrite-based catalyst to overcome this…
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  • Mechanical Properties of Moso Bamboo Connections with External Clamp Steel Plates
  • Abstract The Moso bamboo, a renewable green building material used in various new green buildings, have received extensive attention with the promotion of the concept of green buildings. To explore the mechanical properties of Moso bamboo connections with external clamp steel plates, the 16 specimens were designed by changing the bolt diameters and the end distances of the bolt holes. Their static tension tests were conducted to investigate bearing capacities and failure modes of different connection configurations. Based on test results, three failure modes of these connections were obtained, including the shear failure of bolt shank, bearing failure of bolt hole…
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  • Performance Evaluation of a Novel and Effective Water-Soluble Aldehydes as Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Aggressive Hydrochloric Medium
  • Abstract A novel and effective water-soluble aldehydes (β-HA) as corrosion inhibitor was synthesized for N80 steel corrosion in 15% HCl solution, and the corrosion inhibition performance was evaluated by using weight loss, electrochemical measurements, scanning electron microscope (SEM), quantum chemical calculation and molecular dynamics simulation (MDS). The results show that synthesized β-HA showed excellent corrosion performance compared with MHB and PE for carbon steel in 15% HCl solution compared with MHB and PE, and the inhibition efficiency increased with increasing concentration of the inhibitor. The inhibition efficiency of β-HA at 8 mmol/L reached the maximum value 94.08%. The inhibitor acted as…
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