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  • Numerical Study on the Blade Channel Vorticity in a Francis Turbine
  • Abstract A relevant way to promote the sustainable development of energy is to use hydropower. Related systems heavily rely on the use of turbines, which require careful analysis and optimization. In the present study a mixed experimental-numerical approach is implemented to investigate the related mixed water flow. In particular, particle image velocimetry (PIV) is initially used to verify the effectiveness of the numerical model. Then numerical results are produced for various conditions. It is shown that an increase in the guide vane opening can reduce the extension of the region where the fluid velocity is 0 at the inlet of the…
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  • An Experimental Study on the Void Fraction for Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows in a Horizontal Pipe
  • Abstract The flow patterns and the void fraction related to a gas-liquid two-phase flow in a small channel are experimentally studied. The test channel is a transparent quartz glass circular channel with an inner diameter of 6.68 mm. The working fluids are air and water and their superficial velocities range from 0.014 to 8.127 m/s and from 0.0238 to 0.556 m/s, respectively. The void fraction is determined using the flow pattern images captured by a high-speed camera, while quick closing valves are used for verification. Four flow patterns are analyzed in experiments: slug flow, bubbly flow, annular flow and stratified flow.…
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  • A Numerical Study on the Extinguishing Performances of High-Pressure Water Mist on Power-Transformer Fires for Different Flow Rates and Particle Velocities
  • Abstract In order to study the extinguishing performance of high-pressure-water-mist-based systems on the fires originating from power transformers the PyroSim software is used. Different particle velocities and flow rates are considered. The evolution laws of temperature around transformer, flue gas concentration and upper layer temperature of flue gas are analyzed under different boundary conditions. It is shown that the higher the particle velocity is, the lower the smoke concentration is, the better the cooling effect on the upper layer temperature of flue gas layer is, the larger the flow rate is and the better the cooling effect is.
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  • Needleless Electrospinning: Reciprocation vs. Rotation
  • Abstract Needleless electrospinning is a versatile method to produce nanofibers. In particular, the rotary version of this technique has enjoyed widespread use because there is no need to clean the spinneret. The rotation speed is limited by the potential deviation of the jet due to the centrifugal force. Other limitations are due to the fast volatilization of the solvent from the opened spinning system. In order to overcome these drawbacks, here a novel reciprocating system based on a moving spinning-plate is proposed. The spinning process is implemented in a half-closed system with the spinning-plate immersed in the solution tank. When the…
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  • CFD Analysis of the Influence of Ionic Liquids on the Performances of a Refrigeration System
  • Abstract The falling film of an ionic liquid ([EMIM] [DMP] + H2O) and its effect on a refrigeration system are numerically simulated in the framework of a Volume of Fluid (VOF) method (as available in the ANSYS Fluent computational platform). The properties of the liquid film and the wall shear stress (WSS) are compared with those obtained for a potassium bromide solution. Different working conditions are considered. It is noted that the ionic liquid demonstrates a better absorption capability, with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.55. It is proved that the [EMIM] [DMP] + H2O ionic liquid working substance is…
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  • Simplified Calculation of Flow Resistance of Suspension Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification System
  • Abstract To calculate the flow resistance of a main cable dehumidification system, this study considers the air flow in the main cable as the flow in a porous medium, and adopts the Hagen–Poiseuille equation by using average hydraulic radius and capillary bundle models. A mathematical derivation is combined with an experimental study to obtain a semi-empirical flow resistance formula. Additionally, Fluent software is used to simulate the flow resistance across the main cable relative to the experimental values. Based on the actual measured results for a Yangtze River bridge, this study verifies the semi-empirical formula, and indicates that it can be…
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  • Influence of Electrical Field Distortions Induced by Water Droplets on the Contamination Characteristics of an Insulator
  • Abstract When separated water droplets condense on the surface of a composite insulator, the electrical field on the insulator surface is distorted. In turn, such distortions change the trajectories of pollution particles. In this study, the COMSOL software is used to simulate such a process for the FXBW4-10/100 composite insulator with or without water droplets condensation under a 10 kV DC voltage. The influence of the wind speed and particles concentration on the contamination characteristics of the considered 110 kV insulator is analyzed. The results show that: 1) in the presence of water droplets on the insulator surface, the ratio of…
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  • Investigation on the Changing Characteristics of Flow-Induced Noise in a Centrifugal Pump
  • Abstract Centrifugal pumps are widely used in engineering for a variety of applications. A known drawback of these devices is the high-level noise generated during operations, which can affect their stability and adversely influence the entire working environment. By combining the Powell vortex sound theory, numerical simulations and experimental measurements, this research explores the trends of variation and the corresponding underlying mechanisms for the flow-induced noise at various locations and under different operating conditions. It is shown that the total sound source intensity (TSSI) and total sound pressure level (TSPL) in the impeller, in the region between the inlet to the…
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  • Experimental and Numerical Analysis of High-Strength Concrete Beams Including Steel Fibers and Large-Particle Recycled Coarse Aggregates
  • Abstract In order to study the performances of high-strength concrete beams including steel fibers and large-particle recycled aggregates, four different beams have been designed, tested experimentally and simulated numerically. As varying parameters, the replacement rates of recycled coarse aggregates and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) sheets have been considered. The failure mode of these beams, related load deflection curves, stirrup strain and shear capacity have been determined through monotonic loading tests. The simulations have been conducted using the ABAQUS finite element software. The results show that the shear failure mode of recycled concrete beams is similar to that of ordinary concrete…
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