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  • Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Coupling Action of Load and Chlorine Erosion
  • Abstract Diffusion behavior of chloride ion in reinforced concrete under bending moment was studied by taking the ratio of bending moment to ultimate flexural capacity as load level indicator. The function relationship between load level and chloride ion diffusion coefficient was established, based on that the limit state equation of the chloride ion critical concentration and chloride ion concentration on surface of the steel bar was established. Then by applying Monte-Carlo method the corrosion probability of reinforcement under different load levels in splash zone was calculated. Calculation results demonstrated that compared with the durability reliability index considering loading effect, the reliability…
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  • Information Monitoring Technology for Support Structure of Railway Tunnel During Operation
  • Abstract In the process of railway construction, because of the inconvenience of geological condition, water bursting and mud surging happen frequently, and the later deformation of support structure on the happening geology section would threaten the normal running of railway. The limit difference of deformation control value of the support structure section where geological accidents frequently happen, is small, and artificial half-automatic supervisory technology cannot get the health condition of tunnel in time, resulting many cars speed-down accidents due to deformation of support structure. Through design innovation, we introduce TGMIS in the later period of Yanzishan railway construction to quickly capture…
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  • Instability Analysis of Strike-Slip Fault Based on Cusp Catastrophe Model
  • Abstract The distribution of many active faults in western China is an important reason for the frequent earthquakes. With the rapid development of the western region, many major projects have been built there and the existence of active faults is bound to have an influence on the safety of the engineering structure. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the mechanism of fault slip instability for evaluating the geological stability of the region and for the site selection of major projects. In this paper, cusp catastrophe theory is used to establish a cusp catastrophe model with general softened form of…
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  • Non-Destructive Testing of Structures Using Optical and Other Methods: A Review
  • Abstract Non-destructive testing (NDT) of structures is one of the most important tasks of the proper maintenance and diagnosis of machines and constructions structural condition. NDT methods contribute to the damage tolerance philosophy used in the aircraft design methodology as well as many other operation and maintenance programs of machinery and constructions. The following study is focusing on overviewing an important group of NDT methods: the optical and other ones, which found broad applicability in scientific and industrial studies nowadays. The paper discusses the selected most widely applicable methods, namely, visual testing, ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, infrared thermography as well as…
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  • A Comparative Study of Bayes Classifiers for Blade Fault Diagnosis in Wind Turbines through Vibration Signals
  • Abstract Renewable energy sources are considered much in energy fields because of the contemporary energy calamities. Among the important alternatives being considered, wind energy is a durable competitor because of its dependability due to the development of the innovations, comparative cost effectiveness and great framework. To yield wind energy more proficiently, the structure of wind turbines has turned out to be substantially bigger, creating conservation and renovation works troublesome. Due to various ecological conditions, wind turbine blades are subjected to vibration and it leads to failure. If the failure is not diagnosed early, it will lead to catastrophic damage to the…
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  • Brake Fault Diagnosis Through Machine Learning Approaches – A Review
  • Abstract Diagnosis is the recognition of the nature and cause of a certain phenomenon. It is generally used to determine cause and effect of a problem. Machine fault diagnosis is a field of finding faults arising in machines. To identify the most probable faults leading to failure, many methods are used for data collection, including vibration monitoring, thermal imaging, oil particle analysis, etc. Then these data are processed using methods like spectral analysis, wavelet analysis, wavelet transform, short-term Fourier transform, high-resolution spectral analysis, waveform analysis, etc., The results of this analysis are used in a root cause failure analysis in order…
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  • Structural Damage Detection in Framed Structures using Under Foundation Settlement/ Rotation of Bases
  • Abstract This paper describes the damage detection in framed structures due to the vertical support settlement and rotation of footing bases. The damage detection procedure proposed by Nobahari and Seyedpoor (2013) is used to detect the damage in the members of the frame. In the present study, instead of using the flexibility matrix (referred here as original flexibility matrix) method, the generalized flexibility matrix is used in the same algorithm and the results are compared. The algorithm uses flexibility matrix and strain energy concept to detect the damage in the members. The behaviour of the frame is discussed through changes observed…
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