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  • A Simplified Approach of Open Boundary Conditions for the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method
  • Abstract In this paper, we propose a simplified approach of open boundary conditions for particle-based fluid simulations using the weakly compressible smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method. In this scheme, the values of the inflow/outflow particles are calculated as fluid particles or imposed desired values to ensure the appropriate evolution of the flow field instead of using a renormalization process involving the fluid particles. We concentrate on handling the generation of new inflow particles using several simple approaches that contribute to the flow field stability. The advantages of the . -SPH scheme, specifically the particle shifting technique, were successfully applied to correct the…
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  • Novel Complex T-Spherical Dual Hesitant Uncertain Linguistic Muirhead Mean Operators and Their Application in Decision-Making
  • Abstract In this manuscript, the theory of complex T-spherical dual hesitant uncertain linguistic set is discovered, which is the mixture of three different ideas like the complex T-spherical fuzzy set, dual hesitant fuzzy set, and uncertain linguistic set. The complex T-spherical dual hesitant uncertain linguistic set composes the uncertain linguistic set, truth grade, abstinence grade, and falsity grade. Whose real and imaginary parts are the subset of a unit interval, and some of their operational laws are also presented. The theory of complex T-spherical dual hesitant uncertain linguistic Muirhead mean operator, complex T-spherical dual hesitant uncertain linguistic weighted Muirhead mean operator,…
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  • An Improved Method Based on TODIM and TOPSIS for Multi-Attribute Decision-Making with Multi-Valued Neutrosophic Sets
  • Abstract Due to the complexity of decision-making problems and the subjectivity of decision-makers in practical application, it is necessary to adopt different forms of information expression according to the actual situation of specific decision-making problems and choose the best method to solve them. Multi-valued neutrosophic set, as an extension of neutrosophic set, can more effectively and accurately describe incomplete, uncertain or inconsistent information. TODIM and TOPSIS methods are two commonly used multi-attribute decision-making methods, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. This paper proposes a new method based on TODIM and TOPSIS to solve multi-attribute decision-making problems under multi-valued neutrosophic…
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  • BEVGGC: Biogeography-Based Optimization Expert-VGG for Diagnosis COVID-19 via Chest X-ray Images
  • Abstract Purpose: As to January 11, 2021, coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has caused more than 2 million deaths worldwide. Mainly diagnostic methods of COVID-19 are: (i) nucleic acid testing. This method requires high requirements on the sample testing environment. When collecting samples, staff are in a susceptible environment, which increases the risk of infection. (ii) chest computed tomography. The cost of it is high and some radiation in the scan process. (iii) chest X-ray images. It has the advantages of fast imaging, higher spatial recognition than chest computed tomography. Therefore, our team chose the chest X-ray images as the experimental dataset in…
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  • Study on the Whole Process Simulation and Regulation Mechanism of Urban Green Ecological Rainwater Drainage System
  • Abstract In view of the frequent waterlogging caused by rapid urbanization and the public’s dissatisfaction with the drainage system, the article based on the concept of the green ecological drainage system, constructed the urban green ecological drainage comprehensive simulation research system, and quickly evaluated pipe network operation and surface water of an industrial park under typical rainfall conditions. The results showed that the drainage capacity of the designed green ecological rainwater drainage system reached 100%, and there was no ponding phenomenon, which indicated that the green ecological rainwater drainage system could effectively solve the practical problems of urban drainage. The green…
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  • A 3-Node Co-Rotational Triangular Finite Element for Non-Smooth, Folded and Multi-Shell Laminated Composite Structures
  • Abstract Based on the first-order shear deformation theory, a 3-node co-rotational triangular finite element formulation is developed for large deformation modeling of non-smooth, folded and multi-shell laminated composite structures. The two smaller components of the mid-surface normal vector of shell at a node are defined as nodal rotational variables in the co-rotational local coordinate system. In the global coordinate system, two smaller components of one vector, together with the smallest or second smallest component of another vector, of an orthogonal triad at a node on a non-smooth intersection of plates and/or shells are defined as rotational variables, whereas the two smaller…
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  • Fractional Analysis of Dynamical Novel COVID-19 by Semi-Analytical Technique
  • Abstract This study employs a semi-analytical approach, called Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method (OHAM), to analyze a coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission model of fractional order. The proposed method employs Caputo's fractional derivatives and Reimann-Liouville fractional integral sense to solve the underlying model. To the best of our knowledge, this work presents the first application of an optimal homotopy asymptotic scheme for better estimation of the future dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our proposed fractional-order scheme for the parameterized model is based on the available number of infected cases from January 21 to January 28, 2020, in Wuhan City of China. For the considered…
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  • Study of Degenerate Poly-Bernoulli Polynomials by λ-Umbral Calculus
  • Abstract Recently, degenerate poly-Bernoulli polynomials are defined in terms of degenerate polyexponential functions by Kim-Kim-Kwon-Lee. The aim of this paper is to further examine some properties of the degenerate poly-Bernoulli polynomials by using three formulas from the recently developed ‘λ-umbral calculus.’ In more detail, we represent the degenerate poly-Bernoulli polynomials by Carlitz Bernoulli polynomials and degenerate Stirling numbers of the first kind, by fully degenerate Bell polynomials and degenerate Stirling numbers of the first kind, and by higherorder degenerate Bernoulli polynomials and degenerate Stirling numbers of the second kind.
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  • Code Transform Model Producing High-Performance Program
  • Abstract This paper introduces a novel transform method to produce the newly generated programs through code transform model called the second generation of Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-2) reasonably, improving the program execution performance significantly. Besides, a theoretical estimation in statistics has given the minimum number of generated programs as required, which guarantees to find the best one within them. The proposed approach can help the voice assistant machine resolve the problem of inefficient execution of application code. In addition to GPT-2, this study develops the variational Simhash algorithm to check the code similarity between sample program and newly generated program, and…
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