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  • Complex Network Formation and Analysis of Online Social Media Systems
  • Abstract To discover and identify the influential nodes in any complex network has been an important issue. It is a significant factor in order to control over the network. Through control on a network, any information can be spread and stopped in a short span of time. Both targets can be achieved, since network of information can be extended and as well destroyed. So, information spread and community formation have become one of the most crucial issues in the world of SNA (Social Network Analysis). In this work, the complex network of twitter social network has been formalized and results are…
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  • Strengthened Initialization of Adaptive Cross-Generation Differential Evolution
  • Abstract Adaptive Cross-Generation Differential Evolution (ACGDE) is a recently-introduced algorithm for solving multiobjective problems with remarkable performance compared to other evolutionary algorithms (EAs). However, its convergence and diversity are not satisfactory compared with the latest algorithms. In order to adapt to the current environment, ACGDE requires improvements in many aspects, such as its initialization and mutant operator. In this paper, an enhanced version is proposed, namely SIACGDE. It incorporates a strengthened initialization strategy and optimized parameters in contrast to its predecessor. These improvements make the direction of crossgeneration mutation more clearly and the ability of searching more efficiently. The experiments show…
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  • Parameter Estimation Based on Censored Data under Partially Accelerated Life Testing for Hybrid Systems due to Unknown Failure Causes
  • Abstract In general, simple subsystems like series or parallel are integrated to produce a complex hybrid system. The reliability of a system is determined by the reliability of its constituent components. It is often extremely difficult or impossible to get specific information about the component that caused the system to fail. Unknown failure causes are instances in which the actual cause of system failure is unknown. On the other side, thanks to current advanced technology based on computers, automation, and simulation, products have become incredibly dependable and trustworthy, and as a result, obtaining failure data for testing such exceptionally reliable items…
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  • A Novel Method for the Reconstruction of Road Profiles from Measured Vehicle Responses Based on the Kalman Filter Method
  • Abstract The estimation of the disturbance input acting on a vehicle from its given responses is an inverse problem. To overcome some of the issues related to ill-posed inverse problems, this work proposes a method of reconstructing the road roughness based on the Kalman filter method. A half-car model that considers both the vehicle and equipment is established, and the joint input-state estimation method is used to identify the road profile. The capabilities of this methodology in the presence of noise are numerically demonstrated. Moreover, to reduce the influence of the driving speed on the estimation results, a method of choosing…
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  • Deep Neural Network with Strip Pooling for Image Classification of Yarn-Dyed Plaid Fabrics
  • Abstract Historically, yarn-dyed plaid fabrics (YDPFs) have enjoyed enduring popularity with many rich plaid patterns, but production data are still classified and searched only according to production parameters. The process does not satisfy the visual needs of sample order production, fabric design, and stock management. This study produced an image dataset for YDPFs, collected from 10,661 fabric samples. The authors believe that the dataset will have significant utility in further research into YDPFs. Convolutional neural networks, such as VGG, ResNet, and DenseNet, with different hyperparameter groups, seemed the most promising tools for the study. This paper reports on the authors’ exhaustive…
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  • A Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Coal and Gas Outbursts Based on the Interaction between the Gas Pressure and Deformation of a Coal-Rock Mass
  • Abstract Based on the theories of the gas seepage in coal seams and the deformation of the coal-rock medium, the gas seepage field in coal-rock mass is coupled with the deformation field of the coal-rock mass to establish a fluid-structure interaction model for the interaction between coal gas and coal-rock masses. The outburst process in coal-rock masses under the joint action of gas pressure and crustal stress is simulated using the material point method. The simulation results show the changes in gas pressure, velocity distribution, maximum principal stress distribution, and damage distribution during the process of the coal and gas outburst,…
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  • A New Attempt to Neutrosophic Soft Bi-Topological Spaces
  • Abstract In this article, new generalized neutrosophic soft * b open set is introduced in neutrosophic soft bi-topological structurers (NSBTS) concerning soft points of the space. This new set is produced by making the marriage of soft semi-open set with soft pre-open set in neutrosophic soft topological structure. An ample of results are investigated in NSBTS on the basis of this new neutrosophic soft * b open set. Proper examples are settled for justification of these results. The non-validity of some results is vindicated with examples.
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  • A Discrete Numerical Study of the Effect of the Thickness and the Porosity of the Sand Cushion on the Impact Response Due to the Rockfall
  • Abstract The prevention and the reduction of the rockfall are the common measures of the prevention and the reduction of disasters. When the rock-shed resists the impact of the rockfall, the force that acts on the structure consists of the cushion dead load and the impact-induced load, of which the dynamic process of the propagation of the impact-induced load is complex. Therefore, we conducted a numerical study to investigate the impact of the rockfall. Considering the highly discrete characteristic of the sand, we developed a numerical model on the basis of the discrete element method (DEM). The numerical model, which simulation…
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  • A Fast Approach for Predicting Aerodynamic Noise Sources of High-Speed Train Running in Tunnel
  • Abstract The aerodynamic noise of high-speed trains passing through a tunnel has gradually become an important issue. Numerical approaches for predicting the aerodynamic noise sources of high-speed trains running in tunnels are the key to alleviating aerodynamic noise issues. In this paper, two typical numerical methods are used to calculate the aerodynamic noise of high-speed trains. These are the static method combined with non-reflective boundary conditions and the dynamic mesh method combined with adaptive mesh. The fluctuating pressure, flow field and aerodynamic noise source are numerically simulated using the above methods. The results show that the fluctuating pressure, flow field structure…
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