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  • Solid Core Photonic Crystal Fiber for Dispersion tailoring in Optical Tele Communication systems
  • Abstract The studies have been carried out on the viability in realizing fully infiltrated solid core photonic crystal fiber based dispersion compensating fiber with suitable high index infiltrate and tapered solid core large mode area fiber for optical communication networks in telecommunication band. The commercial fiber LMA-20 can be made to stretch negative dispersion by suitable fluid infiltration in all air holes of fiber cladding hexagonal structure and can be used as an alternative of existing dispersion compensators (PCFs with low pitch values).
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  • Optical design and performance comparison of various hyperspectral imagers based on Fery prisms
  • Abstract The paraxial ray-tracing model of Fery prism is illustrated in this paper, and the three-order aberration coefficients are calculated. According to the solutions for minimal aberrations, four types of imaging spectrometers are designed based on Fery prism, accommodating for different requirements. The image quality is evaluated to ensure that MTFs are larger than 0.6 at Naquist frequencies, and the spectral resolutions are all higher than 5 nm. The advantages of these imaging spectrometers are analyzed by comparison of the volume, spectral resolution and field of view. The potential competence of Fery prism in hyperspectral imaging is indicated since the field…
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  • Pivot-Point Beam Steerer
  • Abstract A simplified beam-steering mount for a mirror or beam splitter can be adjusted quickly with three degrees of freedom, pivoting about the single point in space where the chief ray of the light beam strikes the reflecting surface, before being locked in place by tightening a single screw. The design goal is demonstrated by multiple superimposed images taken with different positions of the mount.
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  • Novel Butterfly Photonic Crystal Fiber Structure with Negative Dispersion and High Non-Linearity
  • Abstract Design flexibility and enormous optical properties of Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) suited for different types of applications have influenced researchers and engineers in enhancing present drawbacks. Photonic crystal fiber is based on periodic morphological microstructure of air-holes where different arrangement of air holes led to different types of structures. Several types of structures with different shapes like Hexagonal, Octagonal, Honeycomb, Circular etc. have been proposed earlier. In this research, a novel PCF structure is proposed with butterfly geometry being inspired by natural form of PCF. To validate the performance of the new design, optical properties like dispersion, confinement loss and…
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  • Absorption Less All-Optical Memory Cell Based on Active Micro Ring Optical Integrators
  • Abstract The three-level nano particles are doped in dual micro ring resonators of the proposed all-optical memory unit cell as the active gain segment in which the optical power loss is compensated due to the effect of lasing without inversion in doped quantum dots. The effect of parameters such as pumping rate and density of doped QDs are investigated. The optical integrator generates an optical step function to save input data. Also, the effect of electromagnetically induced transparency in three-level quantum dots is investigated as an on/off phase shifter for data reading at requested time. Both input data into the memory…
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  • Unexpected Broadband Optical Limiting Properties of Antimonene Quantum Dots
  • Abstract Antimonene has been found to possess excellent nonlinear refractive and saturable absorption properties recently. To further investigate its optical limiting properties, we prepared uniform antimonene quantum dots (AMQDs) via a facile ionic liquid-assisted exfoliation method. Thereafter the nonlinear absorption of the atomically thin AMQDs was studied using the open aperture Z-scan technique in the nanosecond laser pulse regime. Z-scan measurements indicate that the prepared AMQDs exhibited superior optical limiting properties at 532 nm and 1064 nm excitation, implying the antimonene hold potential for developing broadband nonlinear optical devices.
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  • Photonic generation and detection of W-band OCDMA signals
  • Abstract We have designed and studied a W-band OCDMA radio-over-fiber system. To increase the number of channels, optical encoding and decoding are utilized. The theoretical analysis of generation, modulation and optical encoding of a signal is presented. Also, to confirm the theoretical analysis, the transmission of the encoded signal, decoding and its detection is simulated. Two optical codes (m-sequence and quaternary phase shift) with different code lengths are used and the results are presented. Simulation results for each set of codes are compared and the performance of each code is evaluated in the final bit error rate measurements. The quaternary phase…
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  • Observing Wave/Particle Duality of Light Using Topological Charge
  • Abstract Wave particle duality, also called complementarity, is deeply rooted in the heart of quantum theory. It is fully exemplied in the famous Wheeler’s delayed choice experiment where the choice of the wave nature (ability to interfere) or the particle like behavior (path distinguishability) is introduced a posteriori. We perform here a delayed choice experiment in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, using a classical laser beam and twisted light in a given mode. We entangle the polarization and the twisted internal degrees of freedom, with the which-path-information external degree of freedom of the beam. The particle behavior of light arises from the quantization…
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  • A Novel Tube Lattice Slotted Core Highly Birefringent Photonic Crystal Fiber for THz Application
  • Abstract A hexagonal slotted porous core tube lattice cladding photonic crystal fiber (SPC-TLC-PCF) is suggested to simultaneously achieve a very high birefringence and low transmission loss. At the operating frequency of 1 THz the proposed SPC-TLC-PCF yields a birefringence of 9.06×10−2 and effective material loss of 0.047 cm−1. The fiber operates at fundamental mode only and exhibits a small positive dispersion less than 1.6 ps/THz/cm over a band of 250 GHz (0.85 THz to 1.1 THz). Moreover, bending loss is around 1.61×10−7 cm−1 at 1 THz and confinement loss is also pretty small. These favorable attributes endorse this SPC-TLC-PCF much useful…
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