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Forage characteristics for double purpose wheats

Morant AE, HD Merchán, EE Lutz

Docentes del Departamento de Agronomía. Universidad Nacional del Sur. Altos del Palihue (8000) Bahía Blanca. e-mail:;;

* Corresponding Author:Address Correspondence to: Ing. Agr. Alicia Morant. Departamento de Agronomía. Universidad Nacional del Sur. San Andrés 800. Bº Palihue. (8000) Bahía Blanca. Argentina.

Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany 2007, 76(all), 95-102.


Length of the vegetative period and forage production were evaluated in ten commercial, long term cycle wheat varieties: Buck Charrúa, Cooperación Nanihué, Buck Cacique, Cooperación Maipún, Buck Catriel, ProINTA Pigüé, Buck Poncho, ProINTA Pincén, ProINTA Super and Cooperación Liquén. The study was conducted in the experimental field of the Departmento de Agronomia, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, under dry land conditions. A completely Randomized Block Design with five replicates was used. Seeding was effected on 9 April 1996. From the time the plant had three leaves to the Double Ridge (DA) apex stage, the apex development, tiller number (M), number of green (HV), dead (HM) and total (HT) leaves, and total dry weight (PS) were determined on five plants of each variety every six days. Vegetative periods were different among varieties. Pincén extended it until 3 August completing 116 days, only 3 more days than Super and 78 days more than Pigüé. The apex of Pigüé was the first to reach the double ridge stage on 17 May, 38 days after seeding. All measured variables were significantly different (p<0.01) among varieties. Pincén showed significantly greater values (p<0.01) than Super for M, HV, HM, HT and PS (values were 104, 208, 90, 158 and 207% greater, respectively. Percentage differences between Pincén and the remaining varieties were even greater. As the vegetative period increased, forage production also increased. Pincén and Super have a greater ability for dual purpose, based on the obtained results.


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AE, M., Merchán, H., Lutz, E. (2007). Forage characteristics for double purpose wheats. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, 76(all), 95–102.

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