Editorial Board
  • Carlos A. Busso

    Departamento de Agronomía-CERZOS(CONICET) Universidad Nacional del Sur, ARGENTINA

    Interests: the response mechanisms of plants to disturbances (fire, drought, herbivory and their interactions)

  • Xiangyang Hu

    Shanghai University, CHINA   

    Interests: plant reaction to abiotic stress, specifically the impact on molecular mechanisms, germination, and flowering time at the epigenetic level

Associate Editors
  • Mahmoud F. Seleiman

     Plant Production Department, College of Food and Agriculture Sciences, King Saud University; Department of Crop Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Menoufia University, EGYPT

    Interests: Crop science, Plant nutrition, Heavy metals in sewage sludge, Bioenergy crops

  • Parvaiz Ahmad

    S.P. College Srinagar, INDIA   

    Interests: Abiotic stress, phytohormones, Oxidative stress, Heavy metals, Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

  •  Shafaqat Ali

    Government College University, PAKISTAN   

    Interests: soil and water and biochar

  •  Jun Cao

    Jiangsu University, CHINA   

    Interests: Comparative genomics, Molecular evolution, Plant molecular genetics

  •  Mingxun Chen

    Northwest A&F University, CHINA   

    Interests: Molecular mechanism of seed lipid metabolism in Arabidopsis and Rapeseed, Genetic engineering towards improvement of Rapeseed agronomic traits

  •  Fadi Chen

    Nanjing Agricultural University, CHINA   

    Interests: Horticulture Research

  •  Jinhui Chen

    Nanjing Forestry University, CHINA   

    Interests: Forestry Sciences (Tree Somatic Cell Propagation)

  •  Mohamed A. El-Esawi

    Tanta University, EGYPT   

    Interests: Key regulatory mechanisms involved in the development of plants and their environmental stress responses, Characterization of plant genome and transcriptome using next-generation sequencing technologies, QTL mapping and genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in plants

  •  Weijun Fu

     Zhejiang A&F University, CHINA   

    Interests: Heavy metals tranfer in soil-crop system, Spatial analysis of environmental variables, Carbon and nutrients cycles in forest ecosystem

  •  Xiaopeng Gao

    University of Manitoba, CANADA

    Interests: Soil fertility, nutrient management, and soil ecology

  •  Changan Geng

    Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: Natural products, Active constituents, LCMS analysis, Isolation and Structural elucidation

  •  Luciana Ghermandi

    CONICET-Universidad Nacional del Comahue, ARGENTINA

    Interests: ecology

  •  John Hendrickson


  •  Mirza Hasanuzzaman

    Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, BANGLADESH

    Interests: Plant abiotic stress, Agronomy, Crop Physiology, Antioxidant defense, ROS

  •  Khalid ul Rehman Hakeem

    King Abdulaziz University, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA

    Interests: Plant ecological physiology, plant molecular biology

  •  José M. Leitão

    Universidade do Algarve, PORTUGAL

    Interests: plant genomic studies

  •  María Vanessa Lencinas


    Interests:  Forest management, Biodiversity conservation, Silviculture, Forest ecology, Understory plants, Birds, Arthropods

  •  José López-Bucio

    Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, MÉXICO

    Interests: Plant growth regulates phytohormones

  • Arafat Abdel Hamed Abdel Latef

     South Valley University, EGYPT 

    Interests: Physiological, biochemical and molecular responses of different plants to environmental stresses, and their tolerance strategies under these stresses.

  • Qianfeng Li

    Yangzhou University, CHINA

    Interests: Brassinosteroid (BR) signal transduction and its interaction with other plant hormones

  •  Alexios N. Polidoros

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

    Interests: Genetics and Plant Breeding

  •  Jianqiang Qian

    Institue of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: Restoration ecology, Bud bank, Soil seed bank, Clonal traits, Grassland ecology

  •  Abdel Nasser Singab

    Ain Shams University, EGYPT

    Interests: Phytochemistry, Endophytes, Phytotherapy 

  •  Kandasamy Saravanakumar

    Kangwon National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

    Interests: Study on the activity of medicinal plants

  •  Rabiye Terzi

    Karadeniz Technical University, TURKEY 

    Interests: Abiotic pressure, Abiotic stress response in plants

  •  Bengu Turkyilmaz Unal

    Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, TURKEY 

    Interests: Plant Biotechnology, Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Eco-Physiology, Plant Tissue Culture, Plant In vitro Exsitu Conservation

  •  Shucai Wang

    Linyi University, CHINA

    Interests: Plant physiology

  •  Xuewen Wang

    University of Georgia, USA 

    Interests: Tea, Camellia oleifera, Crop gene expression

  •  Fuzhong Wu

    Fujian Normal University, CHINA

    Interests: forest ecology

  •  Dawei Xue

    Hangzhou Normal University, CHINA

    Interests: Crop Science (Rice)

  •  Pingfang Yang

    Hubei University, CHINA

    Interests: plant proteomics

  •  Wenzhi Yang

    Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, CHINA

    Interests: LC/MS-based metabolites characterization, Holistic quality control of herbal medicine, Quality standards elaboration for TCM

  •  Xinghong Yang

    Shandong Agricultural University, CHINA

    Interests: Photosynthesis, Plant abiotic stress, Plant nutrition

  •  Feihai Yu

    Taizhou University, CHINA

    Interests: Biological invasions, Clonal growth, Environmental heterogeneity

  •  Dali Zeng

    China National Rice Research Institute, CHINA

    Interests: rice research

  •  Hongxia Zhang

    Qingdao Agriculture University, CHINA

    Interests: Salt tolerant and drought tolerant plant

  •  Agustin Zsögön

    Federal University of Viçosa, BRAZIL

    Interests: Genetic basis of related physiological traits

  • Heba Ibrahim Mohamed

    Ain Shams University, EGYPT

    Interests: Abiotic and biotic stress Microorganisms plant interactions Molecular Markers in response to abiotic and biotic stress

Editorial Board Members
  • Osama M. Ahmed

    Beni-Suef University, EGYPT

    Interests: Diabetes mellitus, Arthritis, Carcinogenesis, Medicinal plant constituents, Schistosomiasis, Drug toxicity, Neurodegenerative diseases

  • Mukhtar Ahmed

    PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan

    Interests: agroecosystem modeling and climate change

  •  Bimal Kumar Ghimire

    Konkuk University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

    Interests: Medicinal plants, Phenolic compounds, Antioxidants activity, Genetic variations, Transgenic plants, Allelopathy, Invitro plant regeneration, Light emitting diodes, Bioenergy crops, Volatile compounds, Antimicrobial activity, Osteoporosis

  •  Mansour Ghorbanpour

     Arak University, IRAN

    Interests: Phytonanotechnology (Nanotechnology in plant science and Agriculture), Bioavailability of emerging contaminants, Environmental stresses effects on plant growth and metabolism, Natural products and bioactive compounds of aromatic medicinal plants.

  •  Min Huang

    Hunan Agricultural University, CHINA

    Interests: Agronomy, Ecophysiology, Grain yield, Grain quality, Resource-use efficiency, Rice

  •  Mohammad Anwar Hossain

    Bangladesh Agricultural University, BANGLADESH

    Interests: Plant molecular stress physiology and breeding, Stress tolerance mechanisms, ROS and methylglyoxal metabolism and signaling, cross-stress tolerance, Heavy metal toxicity, mutation breeding, Crop quality improvement and variety development

  •  Jiang Hu

    China National Rice Research Institute, CHINA

    Interests: plant genetics and breeding

  • Huyi He

    Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: Evaluation and innovative utilization of tuber crop germplasm resources, physiological and molecular mechanisms of crop abiotic stress tolerance, and analysis of important functional genes

  • Ali lnal

    Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ankara, Turkey

    Interests: Salinity and crop management, Salinity and mineral nutrition interactions in plants, Boron tolerance mechanisms, P-Use efficiency in wheat genotypes

  • Youssef Khamis

    Agricultural Research Center, Plant Pathology Research Institute, 9 Gamaa St., 12619 Giza, EGYPT

    Interests: Plant Pathology, Postharvest Pathology, Fruit Diseases, Applied Microbiology

  •  Mohammad Golam Mostofa

    Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, BANGLADESH

    Interests: Plant Physiology

  •  Ioannis E. Papadakis

     Agricultural University of Athens, GREECE

    Interests: Horticulture (Grape)

  •  Serena Polverigiani

    Marche Polytechnic University, ITALY

    Interests: Horticulture (olive; apple)

  •  Rahmatullah Qureshi

    Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, PAKISTAN

    Interests: ethnobotany, medicinal plants and their bioactivity

  •  Anshu Rastogi

    Poznan University of Life Sciences, POLAND

    Interests: Stress physiology, Photosynthesis, Fluorescence, Sun-induced fluorescence

  • Ali Raza

    Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, CHINA

    Interests: Crop genetics and breeding, plant biotechnology, crop stress physiology, crop genetic improvement

  •  Haijun Sun

    Nanjing Forestry University, CHINA   

    Interests: Nitrogen cycling in soil system, Biochar application, Soil-plant interaction

  •  Noomene Sleimi

    University of Carthage, TUNISIE

    Interests: Plant physiology, Abiotic stresses, Antioxidant activities, Phytohormonal regulation, Hyperaccumulation of heavy metals

  •  Ramasamy Srinivasan

    World Vegetable Center, TAIWAN

    Interests: Plant Protection

  • Mohamed Salah Amr Sheteiwy

    Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, Egypt

    Interests: Field crops cultivars identification in the field and laboratory, Crop Rotation and Cropping system

  •  Mohsin Tanveer

    University of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Abiotic stress tolerance, Nutrient metabolism, Ion transport, BTW

  • Qiangsheng Wu

    Yangtze University, CHINA

    Interests: Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on plant growth

  • Chunpeng Wan

    Jiangxi Agricultural University, CHINA

    Interests: Study on Postharvest storage technology, phytochemistry and function of citrus

  • Zhengwen Wang

    Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: Clonal plant ecology, Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, trait-based community assembly, plant life history strategy and evolution

  •  Junzeng Xu

    Hohai University, CHINA

    Interests: Eco-environmental aspects of efficient irrigation and drainage management (Non-point pollutions; Greenhouse gases emissions; Heavy metals bio-availability)

  •  Lanting Zeng

    South China Botanical Garden, CHINA

    Interests: Studies on secondary metabolism of economic plant components

  •  Jingcheng Zhang

     Hangzhou Dianzi University, CHINA

    Interests: remote sensing of vegetation

  •  Baohong Zhang

    East Carolina University, USA

    Interests: Plant Gene Research

  • Mohd. Sayeed Akhtar

    Gandhi Faiz-e-Aam College, INDIA

    Interests: Soil microbiology, Applied microbiology, Environmental microbiology, Molecular biology, Plant pathology and plant nanobiotechnology

  • Anil Kumar Singh

    ICAR-National Institute for Plant Biotechnology, INDIA

    Interests: the regulation of plant adaptation to changing environments using next-generation genomic and allied computational approaches

  • Wei Hu

    Nanjing Agriculture University, CHINA

    Interests: abiotic stress, photosynthetic physiology, and crop production

  • Mahmoud Ramadan Sofy Hassan

    Al-Azhar university, EGYPT

    Interests: drought, heavy metals, stress, plant, salinity

  • Weibiao Liao

    Gansu Agriculture University, CHINA

    Interests: biotic stress, gasotransmitter, signaling transduction, protein S-nitrosylation, post-translational modification, adventitious root formation, postharvest preservation

  • Nenghui Ye

    Hunan Agriculture University, CHINA

    Interests: Functional study of ABA in response to different stresses and in regulating plant growth and development; Molecular mechanisms of seed germination under aerobic and hypoxia condition; Molecular mechanism of grain filling by plant hormones in rice in response to environmental cues.

  • Adnan Noor Shah

    Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, PAKISTAN

    Interests: Nutrients management in crop plants; Crop nutrition physiology and application; Crop Cultivation and Farming System; Abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants; Allelopathy

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