Monograph Series

Monograph Series

CREST Monograph Series... 

A Better, Faster Way to Publish 

Research in science and technology is progressing at lighting speed. Globalization of matters of mind and intellect can dramatically reduce the time required to exploit emerging sciences and technologies. There remains a gap, however, in the ability to bring this knowledge to the world's end-users quickly, efficiently and effectively. 

This paradigm calls for radically new ways of disseminating knowledge in the emerging sciences and technologies. The most common vehicle, peer-reviewed academic journals, often publish highly abbreviated versions of research solely for the benefit of the authors' peers and specialist readers. What's more, the publication cycle of a typical journal often exceeds 18 months or more. The other leading option, monographs, often deal with pedagogical accounts of mature research, generally only in mature or maturing disciplines. 

Enter Contemporary Research in Emerging Sciences & Technologies, or CREST. The mission of the CREST series is to identify pioneers and visionaries in emerging sciences and technologies, and quickly publish their accounts of these disciplines. These approximately 200-page accounts will not only be read by specialists in the field, but will also serve as catalysts for the global growth of these disciplines. The aim of CREST is to quicken the pace of research in the emerging disciplines all over the world, and thus assure a quick translation of research into an engine for global economic growth. 

The first monograph in the CREST series will be "Meshless Methods in Computational Mechanics and the MLPG" by Satya N. Atluri. Other manuscripts on "Bio-Nano Technology" and "Computational Modeling in Nano Science" are under preparation. Prospective authors and series advisers should contact the publisher, at the address below: 

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