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New Closed- and Open-Cell, Aldehyde-Free Protein Foams

María Cecilia Basso1*, Antonio Pizzi1,2
LERMAB, University of Lorraine, 27 Rue Philippe Seguin, 88000 Epinal, France
Department of Physics, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, 21589, Saudi Arabia
*Corresponding author:

Journal of Renewable Materials 2017, 5(1), 48-53.


New aldehyde-free and isocyanate-free biofoams have been obtained by reacting albumin chicken egg white and dimethyl carbonate (DMC). The optimized formulations yielded lightweight foams whose densities were evaluated as 0.016–0.16 g/cm3. Mechanical resistance was 0.023–0.34 MPa and residual pH nearly neutral. The new foams presented up to 57% of closed cells as measured by helium pycnometry and good thermal insulation. These new natural foams are environmentally friendly materials and show very promising properties.


Aldehyde-free and isocyanate-free, biobased foams, closed- and open-cell, dimethyl carbonate, protein

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Basso, M. C., Pizzi, A. (2017). New Closed- and Open-Cell, Aldehyde-Free Protein Foams. Journal of Renewable Materials, 5(1), 48–53.

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