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Special Issue Titles and Editors Submission Deadline Status  
Biomass Materials Used in Lithium Batteries: Green Preparation, Green Processing and Green Application
(Editor: Hongyan Zuo)
31 July 2023 Open
Advanced Renewable Mineral and Energy Materials
(Editors: Chengkai Yang; Jiaqi Xu; Cong Wang)
31 July 2023 Open
From Food By-Products to Value-Added Biomaterials
(Editors: Farhad Garavand; Ilaria Cacciotti)
01 June 2023 Open
Renewable and Green Materials for Supercapacitors
(Editors: Jitao Li; Dingyu Yang)
01 June 2023 Open
Sustainable Concrete with Recyclable Materials
(Editors: Xiao-Yong Wang; Run-Sheng Lin)
28 February 2023 Open
Advancement of Biopolymers in Biomedical Materials
(Editors: Xugang Dang; Meng Wai Woo)
31 January 2023 Open
Advances in Application of Biomass-Based Materials in Food Industry
(Editors: Hua-Min Liu; Zhao Qin; Sen Ma)
31 December 2022 Open
Restorative and Regenerative Materials in Biomedical Applications
(Editors: Shunli Zheng; Xiangyang Li; May Lei Mei; KC Li)
31 December 2022 Open
Porous Materials for Sustainable Development
(Editors: Ming Liu; Wei Zhou; Jinhua Hu; Xiu-Zhi Tang; Yujie Song; Xuelong Chen)
31 December 2022 Open
Potential Materials Towards Sustainable Construction
(Editors: Mehran Khan; Li Li; Majid Ali; Fuyuan Gong; Zhigang Zhang)
31 December 2022 Open
Lignin Catalytic Valorization for the Production of Chemicals and Fuels
(Editors: Riyang Shu; Ying Xu)
30 December 2022 Open
Perovskite Solar Cells
(Editors: Haining Chen; Zhanhua Wei; Yang Bai; Teng Zhang)
30 November 2022 Open
Renewable Biomass as a Platform for Preparing Green Chemistry
(Editors: Qiaoguang Li; Ying Luo; Yue Liu)
30 November 2022 Open
Bio-Fibres, Biopolymers and Biocomposites – Design for Sustainability, Life Cycle Analysis, Concurrent Materials and Conceptual Design Selection
(Editor: S.M. Sapuan)
30 November 2022 Open
Flammability of Biopolymers and Polymer Composites Reinforced with Fillers with Plant Origin
(Editors: Mateusz Barczewski; Kamila Sałasińska)
01 November 2022 Open
New Trends in Renewable and Sustainable Materials for Carbon Neutrality
(Editors: Yi Wang; Xiaojia Wang; Zhen Huang; Long Jiang; Hui Wang)
31 October 2022 Open
Advances in Catalysis toward the Production of Green Energy and Chemicals
(Editors: Mohammad Reza Rahimpour; Ali Bakhtyari; Mohammad Amin Makarem)
30 September 2022 Open
New Trends in Bio-oil Production, Conversion and Utilization
(Editors: Yi Wang; Xun Hu; Yijun Zhao; Shu Zhang; Dongdong Feng; Bo Zhang)
30 September 2022 Open
Characterization of the Curing of Bio-Based Adhesives
(Editor: Milan Šernek)
30 September 2022 Open
Bio-based Composite/Hybrid Structures and Components
(Editors: Huifeng Yang; Zheng Li)
31 August 2022 Open
Functionalization of Wood and Bamboo-Based Materials
(Editors: Yun Lu; Kunkun Tu; Jingpeng Li)
31 August 2022 Open
Carbon-Based Nanomaterials from Renewable Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
(Editor: Chin Wei Lai)
30 July 2022 Open
Advanced Renewable Energy Storage Materials and Their Composite: Preparation, Characterization and Applications
(Editor: Weigang Zhao)
30 July 2022 Open
Hydrogen Production from Biomass through Thermochemical Techniques
(Editors: Kuo Zeng; Anqing Zheng)
30 July 2022 Open
Biochar Based Materials for a Green Future
(Editors: Zhen Fang; Lijian Leng; Buchun Si; Tengfei Wang)
30 June 2022 Open
New Insights on Nanomaterials for Energy, Environmental and Agricultural Applications
(Editors: Ram Prasad; Vijay Kumar Thakur)
31 May 2022 Open
Bio-Composite Materials and Structures-2021
(Editors: Haitao Li; Mahmud Ashraf; Rodolfo Lorenzo; Edwin Zea)
31 May 2022 Open
Circular Economy in the Development of Eco-Friendly Materials for Construction
(Editor: Afonso Azevedo)
30 April 2022 Open
Advanced Wood Composites from Renewable Materials
(Editor: Antonios N. Papadopoulos)
01 March 2022 Open
Phytogenic Nanomaterials for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
(Editors: Arpita Roy; H. C. Ananda Murthy)
28 February 2022 Open
Current Advances in Green Nanomaterials Applications
(Editor: Omar S. Dahham)
31 January 2022 Open
Polymeric and Renewable Materials for Future Applications
(Editors: Naratip Vittayakorn; Jakrapong Kaewkhao; Thanapong Sareein; Narit Triamnak)
31 December 2021 Closed
Nanocellulose and Nanocellulose-Derived Functional Materials-2021
(Editors: Haipeng Yu; Wenshuai Chen; Zhiqiang Fang; Md. Iftekhar Shams)
31 December 2021 Closed
Renewable and Biosourced Adhesives-2021
(Editor: Antonio Pizzi)
31 December 2021 Closed
Lignocellulosic Bionanomaterials
(Editors: Zeki Candan; Carmen-Mihaela Popescu; Ayhan Tozluoglu)
31 December 2021 Closed
Green, Recycled and Intelligent Technologies in Printing and Packaging
(Editors: Xing Zhou; Yaohong Zhang; Li Li; Wei Zhang; Juntao (Reynard) Tang)
30 December 2021 Closed
Renewable Material from Agricultural Waste and By-Product and Its Applications
(Editors: Francisco Rodríguez Félix; José Agustín Tapia Hernández)
01 December 2021 Closed
Computational Tools for Renewable Materials
(Editor: Shuang Wang)
30 November 2021 Closed
Natural Fibre Composites: Design, Materials Selection and Fabrication
(Editor: S.M. Sapuan)
30 October 2021 Closed
Bio-based/Degradable Materials towards A Sustainable Future
(Editor: Jin Zhu)
30 October 2021 Closed
Bio-based Halogen-free Flame Retardant Polymeric Materials
(Editor: Xin Wang)
30 September 2021 Closed
Food Packaging Materials Based on Renewable Resources
(Editors: Jun Liu; Tomy J. Gutiérrez; Xingran Kou)
30 September 2021 Closed
Renewable Foam Materials and Composites
(Editors: Antonio Pizzi; Xiaojian Zhou)
19 September 2021 Closed
New Trends in Sustainable Materials for Energy Conversion, CO2 Capture and Pollution Control
(Editors: Yi Wang; Zhen Huang; Hui Wang; Xiaojia Wang)
31 August 2021 Closed
Recycled Concrete Towards a Sustainable Society
(Editor: Jianzhuang Xiao)
31 August 2021 Closed
Research and Innovations in Engineered Timber and Mass Timber Products for Sustainable Built-Environment
(Editor: Mahmud Ashraf)
31 August 2021 Closed
Polylactide Based Biopolymeric Systems
(Editor: Mohammadreza Nofar)
30 May 2021 Closed
Biomass-Derived Functional Hydrogels
(Editors: Xuming Xie; Baolin Guo; Qiang Chen)
30 April 2021 Closed
Plastic waste management towards a sustainable future
(Editors: Wan-Ting (Grace) Chen; Hui Jin)
28 February 2021 Closed
Renewable building materials and properties
(Editor: Haitao Li)
31 January 2021 Closed
Green Coating and Film for Degeneration Protection
(Editors: Jun Hu; Yizhou Shen; Xin Zhao)
31 December 2020 Closed
Nanocellulose and Nanocellulose-Derived Functional Materials
(Editors: Haipeng Yu; Yan Yu; Kojiro Uetani; Wenshuai Chen)
30 December 2020 Closed
Recent Development on Bio-Derived Materials for Polyurethane Foams
(Editor: Ram K. Gupta)
05 December 2020 Closed
Renewable and Biosourced Adhesives
(Editor: Antonio Pizzi)
01 December 2020 Closed
Polymeric Composites Based on Sustainable Technologies and Renewable Materials
(Editors: Krzysztof Formela; Mateusz Barczewski)
30 November 2020 Closed
Renewable materials for sustainable development
(Editors: Bernard Saw Lip Huat; Chong Wen Tong; Shufeng Song)
15 August 2020 Closed
15th Brazilian Polymer Conference (15th CBPol)
(Editors: Antonio José Felix de Carvalho; Antonio Aprigio da Silva Curvelo; Daniel Pasquini)
31 July 2020 Closed
Risk Mitigation of Microplastics Pollution Towards a Sustainable Future
(Editors: Wan-Ting Chen; Sheree Pagsuyoin; Onur Apul)
28 February 2020 Closed
The 10th Conference on Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymeric Materials (GCNPM 2019)
(Editor: Ugis Cabulis)
15 January 2020 Closed
Bio-composite Materials and Structures
(Editor: Haitao Li)
31 December 2019 Closed
Renewable Polymer Materials and Their Application
(Editors: Puyou Jia; Chaoqun Zhang; Caoxing Huang)
31 October 2019 Closed
Polymer and Nanomaterials
(Editors: Niranjan Karak; Neelotpal Sen Sarma)
31 August 2019 Closed
Recent Developments on Biobased Materials and Composites
(Editors: Hamid Kaddami; Sami Boufi; Alain Dufresne)
31 July 2019 Closed