Special Issue "Bio-based Composite/Hybrid Structures and Components"

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2022
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Guest Editors
Huifeng Yang, Professor, Nanjing Tech University, China.
Professor Huifeng Yang is the Vice Director of Timber Structure Research Center in Nanjing Tech University, China. He works as a teaching and research staff in College of Civil Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, since 2007. Also he was a visiting scholar of Lund University from March, 2014 to August, 2015. His main research interests are innovative structural components (including members, joints and connections) for timber structures, as well as for hybrid timber structures. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed academic papers, authorized 5 invention patents, and also designed several mass timber structures and bridges in China, including a 76 m span timber bridge that was built in 2012. He has received 2 awards for his scientific achievements from the government. He is the member of both The Architectural Society of China and China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization. He is one of the key committee members for developing the ‘General Code for Timber Structures (GB55005)’, ‘Technical Standard for Multi-story and High Rise Timber Buildings (GB/T 51226)’, and ‘Technical Code for Prefabricated Timber Buildings (GB/T 51233)’, et al.

Zheng Li, Associate Professor, Tongji University, China.
Dr. Zheng Li specializes in the area of timber engineering and earthquake engineering. Specifically, he is working on the development of earthquake resistant / resilient structures and reliability analysis of timber structures. Dr. Li is currently an associate professor on the faculty of College of Civil Engineering at Tongji University. He was selected as the recipient of Shanghai rising star program in 2021, Chenguang scholar of Shanghai in 2017, and Shanghai sailing program in 2016. He is the author of three technical books and over 100 technical publications in academic journals.


To meet the low-carbon demands and promote sustainable development in structural engineering, it is quite important to develop and investigate the innovative bio-based buildings and structures. Bio-based composite/hybrid structure which primarily uses renewable materials or components has attracted more and more attention in recent decades.


This special issue, Bio-based Composite/Hybrid Structures and Components, will cover the research topics and works that are (not only those) focused on the following aspects:


• Timber-concrete composite structures.

• Bamboo-concrete composite structures.

• Hybrid steel-timber structures.

• FRP/steel reinforced structural timber/bamboo elements.

• Mixed-species engineered wood elements.

• Hybrid joints for bio-based structures.

Bio-based materials; Composite structures; Hybrid structures; Hybrid joints; Reinforced timber elements; Reinforced bamboo elements; Timber-concrete composites; Bamboo-concrete composites; Hybrid steel-timber structures; Mixed-species; Structural behaviour; Seismic behaviour; Experimental; Numerical; Analytical