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Weighted Particle Swarm Clustering Algorithm for Self-Organizing Maps

Guorong Cui, Hao Li, Yachuan Zhang, Rongjing Bu, Yan Kang*, Jinyuan Li, Yang Hu
Department of Software, Yunnan University, Kunming, 650500, China
* Corresponding Author: Yan Kang. Email:

Journal of Quantum Computing 2020, 2(2), 85-95.

Received 06 April 2020; Accepted 12 August 2020; Issue published 19 October 2020


The traditional K-means clustering algorithm is difficult to determine the cluster number, which is sensitive to the initialization of the clustering center and easy to fall into local optimum. This paper proposes a clustering algorithm based on self-organizing mapping network and weight particle swarm optimization SOM&WPSO (Self-Organization Map and Weight Particle Swarm Optimization). Firstly, the algorithm takes the competitive learning mechanism of a self-organizing mapping network to divide the data samples into coarse clusters and obtain the clustering center. Then, the obtained clustering center is used as the initialization parameter of the weight particle swarm optimization algorithm. The particle position of the WPSO algorithm is determined by the traditional clustering center is improved to the sample weight, and the cluster center is the “food” of the particle group. Each particle moves toward the nearest cluster center. Each iteration optimizes the particle position and velocity and uses K-means and K-medoids recalculates cluster centers and cluster partitions until the end of the algorithm convergence iteration. After a lot of experimental analysis on the commonly used UCI data set, this paper not only solves the shortcomings of K-means clustering algorithm, the problem of dependence of the initial clustering center, and improves the accuracy of clustering, but also avoids falling into the local optimum. The algorithm has good global convergence.


Self-organizing map; weight particle swarm; K-means; K-medoids; global convergence

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G. Cui, H. Li, Y. Zhang, R. Bu, Y. Kang et al., "Weighted particle swarm clustering algorithm for self-organizing maps," Journal of Quantum Computing, vol. 2, no.2, pp. 85–95, 2020.

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