Editorial Board
  • Xiaojun Wang

    Dublin City University

    Interests: energy efficient networking and, hardware acceleration for packet classification and deep packet inspection, hardware acceleration of cryptography algorithems.

  • Zhiguo Qu

    Engineering Research Center of Digital Forensics, Ministry of Education

    Interests: quantum secure communication, quantum information hiding, quantum computing, data mining, and digital watermarking

Editorial Board Members
  • Xiubo Chen

    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    Interests: cryptography, information security, quantum network coding, and quantum private communication

  • Lei Pan

    Deakin University

    Interests: AI Security; Blockchain; Quantum Computing; Emerging Technologies

  • Zhiqiang Li

    Yangzhou University

    Interests: Quantum Computing

  • Wenjie Liu

    Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

    Interests: Cache storage; memory architecture; DRAM chips; Internet; application program interfaces;

  • Mingxing Luo

    Southwest Jiao Tong University

    Interests: Computational Physics; Mathematical Physics; Quantum Physics

  • Mosayeb Naseri

    Islamic Azad University

    Interests: Quantum Computation; DFT; Computational Material Materials; First Principles Calculation

  • Xiaoyu Song

    Portland State University

    Interests: Modeling and verification of complex systems Formal methods; Design automation; Embedded computing system design; Emerging technologies

  • Mingming Wang

    Xi'an Polytechnic University

    Interests: Quantum Cryptography; Quantum Computation; Quantum Information Processing

  • Gang Xu

    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    Interests: quantum cryptography; quantum network coding; blockchain

  • James C. N. Yang

    National Dong Hwa University

    Interests: Information security; Coding theory; Cryptography; Data Hiding; Secret Image Sharing

  • Quntao Zhuang

    University of California at Berkeley

    Interests: Physics; Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Marek Domański

    Poznań University of Technology

    Interests: video coding; data compression; image colour analysis; image sequences,learning (artificial intelligence); neural nets; stereo image processing

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