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Sound & Vibration is a journal intended for individuals with broad-based interests in noise and vibration, dynamic measurements, structural analysis, computer-aided engineering, machinery reliability, and dynamic testing. The journal strives to publish referred papers reflecting the interests of research and practical engineering on any aspects of sound and vibration. Of particular interest are papers that report analytical, numerical and experimental methods of more relevance to practical applications.

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  • Towards Realistic Vibration Testing of Large Floor Batteries for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)
  • Abstract This contribution shows an analysis of vibration measurement on large floor-mounted traction batteries of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). The focus lies on the requirements for a realistic replication of the mechanical environments in a testing laboratory. Especially the analysis on global bending transfer functions and local corner bending coherence indicate that neither a fully stiff fixation of the battery nor a completely independent movement on the four corners yields a realistic and conservative test scenario. The contribution will further show what implication these findings have on future vibration & shock testing equipment for large traction batteries. Additionally, it will cover… More
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  • Combined Effects of Exposure to Noise and Vibration on Human Postural Equilibrium under Simulated Driving Conditions
  • Abstract There is little information about drivers’ body balance responses to combined exposure of noise and vibration. To fill the gap, this study aims to investigate the combined effects of exposure to noise and whole-body vibration (WBV) on the body balance under simulated driving conditions. For this purpose, 30 male participants were exposed to noise level at 85 dB(A) and two vibration levels (0.87 and 1.3 m/s2) in five sessions. The design of the study was repeated-measures, and it attempted to assess the effects of 40 minutes of exposure to noise and/or WBV. Moreover, the participants’ fatigue was measured with the… More
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  • A Complete Analysis of Clarity (C50) Using I-SIMPA to Maintain Ideal Conditions in an Acoustic Chamber
  • Abstract In any closed environment considered, it can be seen that the acoustic parameters are inherently not constant over the entire area considered. In a closed environment, it is ideally preferred to maintain the acoustic parameters as constant so that there exists better quality of sound leading to better auditory perception with respect to the audience. Practically, some of the acoustic parameters like reverberation time and clarity do not strictly pertain to the pattern obtained theoretically. In this paper, simulations are carried out using I-SIMPA under different values of Sound Transmission Class (STC), source position, distribution and the chamber dimensions and… More
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  • Appraisal of Urban Road Traffic Noise in tier-II City (Surat City), India
  • Abstract Urban road traffic noise pollution has always been identified as a severe problem that affects urban populants. In developing nation, road traffic noise pollution depends on the composition of heterogeneous traffic composition. These traffic compositions contain vehicles, which have different sizes, speeds variations, a different dimension of vehicles. Environmental noise measurements have been carried out during day-time and night-time in different locations of tier-II city of India. The noise levels have been continuously measured over 24 h periods using kimo DB 300 class-2 noise level meter. The data contained in this research paper represent 768 measurement hours. All the information… More
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