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Structural Durability & Health Monitoring

About the Journal

In order to maintain a reasonable cost for large scale structures such as airframes, offshore structures, nuclear plants etc., it is generally accepted that improved methods for structural integrity and durability assessment are required. Structural Health Monitoring (SDHM) had emerged as an active area of research for fatigue life and damage accumulation prognostics.

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  • Ambient Vibration Testings and Field Investigations of Two Historical Buildings in Europe
  • Abstract In this study, the methodology and results of ambient vibration-based investigations of the historical Tash Mosque in Kosovo and a 3-story historical building in Bulgaria are presented. The investigations include full-scale in situ testing of both structures due to ambient vibrations induced by micro-seismic, wind, traffic, and other human activities. To this aim, Ranger seismometers and Kinemetric products were used. Measurements were performed in both horizontal directions in several points along the structures’ height utilizing a high-speed data acquisition device. All recorded data have been analyzed and processed by the software developed at IZIIS, and then the processed data were… More
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  • Damage Detection for CFRP Based on Planar Electrical Capacitance Tomography
  • Abstract Due to the widespread use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer/plastic (CFRP), the nondestructive structural health monitoring for CFRP is playing an increasingly essential role. As a nonradiative, noninvasive and nondestructive detection technique, planar electrical capacitance tomography (PECT) electrodes array is employed in this paper to reconstruct the damage image according to the calculated dielectric constant changes. The shape and duty ratio of PECT electrodes are optimized according to the relations between sensitivity distribution and the dielectric constant of different anisotropic degrees. The sensitivity matrix of optimized PECT sensor is more uniform as the result shows, because the sensitivity of insensitivity… More
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  • A Deep Learning Based Approach for Response Prediction of Beam-like Structures
  • Abstract Beam-like structures are a class of common but important structures in engineering. Over the past few centuries, extensive research has been carried out to obtain the static and dynamic response of beam-like structures. Although building the finite element model to predict the response of these structures has proven to be effective, it is not always suitable in all the application cases because of high computational time or lack of accuracy. This paper proposes a novel approach to predict the deflection response of beam-like structures based on a deep neural network and the governing differential equation of Euler-Bernoulli beam. The Prandtl-Ishlinskii… More
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  • Experimental Study on Permeability Characteristics of Geotubes for Seepage Analysis on Safety Assessment of Dams
  • Abstract Geotubes are heterogeneous structures composed of filling sand and bag material, and its permeability characteristics are different from that of filling sand. The uncertainty of geotubes permeability characteristics results in the failure of seepage analysis of geotube dams, which restricts the safety assessment of the dams. As the basis of the study on the seepage mechanism of the geotubes, the influence of particle grading on permeability coefficient of filling sand and sand covered with geotextiles were explored by the permeability tests of filling sand with different particle grading under the condition of sand covered with or without geotextiles. And the… More
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  • Research on Concrete Beam Crack Recognition Algorithm Based on Block Threshold Value Image Processing
  • Abstract To solve the problem that the digital image recognition accuracy of concrete structure cracks is not high under the condition of uneven illumination and complex surface color of concrete structure, this paper has proposed a block segmentation method of maximum entropy threshold based on the digital image data obtained by the ACTIS automatic detection system. The steps in this research are as follows: 1. The crack digital images of concrete specimens with typical features were collected by using the Actis system of KURABO Co., Ltd., of Japan in the concrete beam bending test. 2. The images are segmented into blocks… More
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