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In order to maintain a reasonable cost for large scale structures such as airframes, offshore structures, nuclear plants etc., it is generally accepted that improved methods for structural integrity and durability assessment are required. Structural Health Monitoring (SDHM) had emerged as an active area of research for fatigue life and damage accumulation prognostics.

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  • Sub-1 GHz Network-Based Wireless Bridge-Monitoring System: Feature and Verification
  • Abstract Traditional bridge monitoring systems often require wired connections between sensors, a data acquisition system, and data center. The use of extension wires, conduits, and other costly accessories can dramatically increase the total cost of bridge monitoring. With the development of wireless technologies and the notable cost benefits, many researchers have been integrating wireless networks into bridge monitoring system. In this study, a wireless bridge monitoring system has been developed based on the Sub-1 GHz network. The main functional components of this system include sensors, wireless nodes, gateway and data center. Wireless nodes can convert analog signals obtained from the sensors… More
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  • Fatigue Performance of Orthotropic Steel Decks in Super-Wide Steel Box Girder Considering Transverse Distribution of Vehicle Load
  • Abstract This study presents an investigation on the fatigue analysis of four types of details on orthotropic steel decks (OSDs) for a cable-stayed super-wide steel box girder bridge based on finite-element analysis (FEA) with vehicle transverse distribution model (VTDM). A high-fidelity 3D FE model verified by the static load test is established to satisfy the fatigue analysis accuracy. The stress behavior of super-wide steel box girders under the vehicle load at different lane locations is investigated. Then, considering the effect of VTDM, the fatigue life analysis of four typical details is performed using the Miner cumulative damage rule. The results show… More
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  • A TimeImageNet Sequence Learning for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Turbofan Engine in Aircraft Systems
  • Abstract Internet of Things systems generate a large amount of sensor data that needs to be analyzed for extracting useful insights on the health status of the machine under consideration. Sensor data of all possible states of a system are used for building machine learning models. These models are further used to predict the possible downtime for proactive action on the system condition. Aircraft engine data from run to failure is used in the current study. The run to failure data includes states like new installation, stable operation, first reported issue, erroneous operation, and final failure. In the present work, the… More
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  • Experimental Study on Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete under High Temperature
  • Abstract This research aims to study the effect of elevated temperature on the compressive strength evolution of concrete made with recycled aggregate. Demolished building concrete samples were collected from four different sites in Saudi Arabia, namely from Tabuk, Madina, Yanbu, and Riyadh. These concretes were crushed and recycled into aggregates to be used to make new concrete samples. These samples were tested for axial compressive strength at ages 3, 7, 14, and 28 days at ambient temperature. Samples of the same concrete mixes were subjected to the elevated temperature of 300°C and tested for compressive strength again. The experimental result reveals… More
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  • Assessment of Seismic Damage in Nativity Church in Bethlehem Using Pushover Analysis
  • Abstract This study focuses on advanced finite element (FE) analyses on The Church of Nativity located in Bethlehem (Palestine), one of the most historic structures in the world. To ensure the model quality, a 3D FE model was created using two types of typical commercial software, DIANA FEA and SAP2000. From analyses, one of the expected behaviors for this kind of masonry structure “low modal period” was found. The seismic behavior of the church was studied using pushover analyses, which were conducted using DIANA FEA. The first unidirectional mass proportional load pattern was created in both directions, X-direction as a longitudinal… More
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