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Oncologie is aimed to the publication of high quality original research articles, review papers, case report, etc. with an active interest in vivo or vitro study of cancer biology. Study relating to the pathology, diagnosis, and advanced treatment of all types of cancers, as well as research from any of the disciplines related to this field of interest. The journal has English and French bilingual publication.
The French Society of Oncology Surgery (SFCO), associoation francophone des soins oncologiques de support (AFSOS) and the French Federation of Medical Oncologists (FFOM) are affiliated with the journal Oncologie.

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Previously published by Lavoisier (https://www.revuesonline.com/portail/), Oncologie starts to be published by Tech Science Press from 2020. It supports Open Access Policy and an Article Processing Charge (APC) of $1000 US dollars applies to all accepted papers (submitted after 1st February 2021).

  • Management of Cancer Patients by ARS Brittany during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Gestion des Patients Atteints de Cancer par l’ARS Bretagne pendant la Pandémie de COVID-19
  • Abstract Introduction: For several centuries, scientists such as Avicenna have been trying to understand the processes involved in the spread of epidemics. Isolation instructions appeared during the black plague. Magistrates and crisis managers manage the protection of all populations. Nowadays, regional health agencies regulate the provision of health care even in times of health crisis. Methods: The creation of the COVID and Cancer regional committee organized and run by the ARS and the Oncobretagne regional cancer network enables exchanges between oncology health professionals. This committee relays information to national representatives: Ministry, INCa (National Cancer Institute) who adjust their recommendations to cancer… More
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  • TUG1 Indicate Unfavorable Prognosis of Gastric Cancer for Promoting Proliferation, Migration and Multidrug Resistance
  • Abstract Gastric cancer (GC) is the most common digestive system malignant tumor and second most common cause of cancer-related death. Even for the early gastric cancer, after radical operation, perioperative and postoperative chemotherapy the recurrence and metastasis are also high. 5-year overall survival of all GC patients is only 10–15%. Chemo-resistance still poses a major obstacle to successful treatment of GC. The aberrant expression of TUG1 (Taurine Upregulated Gene 1) was closely related to chemo-resistance and metastasis in many cancers. Here we over-expressed TUG1 in GC cell line SGC-7901 and MGC-803. We compared the migration ability and sensitivity of cisplatin (CDDP),… More
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  • Nucleus Detection on Pap Smear Images for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis: A Review Analysis
  • Abstract Cervical cancer is a cell disease in the cervix that develops out of control in the female body. The cervix links the vagina (birth canal) with the upper section of the uterus, which can only be found in the female body. This is the second leading cause of death among women around the world. However, cervical cancer is currently one of the most preventable cancers if early detection is identified. The effect of unidentified cancer may increase the risk of death when the cell disease spreads to other parts of the female anatomy (metastasize). The Papanicolaou test is a cervical… More
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  • Analysis of Antioxidant Potential of Trigonella foenum-graecum (L.) Extract Against Tumorigenesis
  • Abstract Background: Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn. has been extensively used for medicinal purposes. The current study deals with in vitro and in vivo correlation of free radical quenching activity and anticancer potential of seed extracts of Trigonella. Materials and methods: Antioxidant activity was evaluated against DPPH, NO and ABTS via in vitro radical scavenging assay. Cytotoxicity effect of Trigonella seed extract was studied in human embryonic kidney HEK 293 cell line by alamar blue assay. In vivo antioxidant activity in Swiss albino mice model was assessed by studying endogenous antioxidant enzymes such as GSH, GPx, SOD and LPO. Antitumor effect was observed… More
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  • Comparison of Amino Acid Metabolisms in Normal Prostate (PNT-1A) and Cancer Cells (PC-3)
  • Abstract Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, commonly used in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, are increased in both malign and benign conditions, such as prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis. Thus, more specific markers are urgently needed to discriminate between prostate cancer and benign diseases of the prostate. The purpose of this study is to examine both the intracellular and extracellular free amino acid profiles of metastatic prostate cancer cells (PC-3), normal prostate cells (PNT-1A), and metabolic changes (e.g., pH). In this study, cancer and normal cells were incubated in the appropriate medium.… More
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  • Value of Mir-1271 and GPC3 in Prognosis Evaluation of Liver Cancer Patients after Liver Transarterial Chemoembolization
  • Abstract Objective: This research was designed to observe the value of miR-1271 and GPC3 in evaluating the prognosis of liver cancer (LC) patients after liver transarterial chemoembolization (TACE). Methods: A total of 80 patients diagnosed as LC in our hospital from January 2018 to April 2019 were included in the LC group (LCG), and then assigned into a survival group (SG) and a death group (DG) based on prognosis. Seventy healthy subjects undergoing physical examination simultaneously were included in the normal group (NG). miR-1271 and GPC3 in serum of two groups of subjects were tested via qRT-PCR. ROC curve was drawn.… More
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  • Serum Long Non-Coding RNA CCAT2 is a Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Marker for Gastric Cancer
  • Abstract Aim: This study aims to explore the role of serum long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) colon cancer-associated transcript 2 (CCAT2) as a diagnostic marker for gastric cancer (GC). Methods: We recruited 76 patients with GC admitted to our hospital (the observation group, OG) and 83 healthy volunteers undergoing physical examinations during the same period (the control group, CG). CCAT2 expression was tested and its correlation with clinicopathological characteristics of GC was analyzed. We also explored the value of CCAT2 in assessing the treatment efficacy, predicting the fatality, and evaluating the prognosis of patients. Results: We detected higher CCAT2 levels in OG… More
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  • The mtDNA Microsatellite Instability Indicated the Prognosis of Chinese Patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Abstract This study aimed to investigate the relationship and diagnostic potential between microsatellite instability (MSI) caused by a 9-bp GGGGGTAGA insertion/deletion in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) at position 8272 and clinical features in Chinese patients diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The 9-bp GGGGGTAGA insertion/deletion in the non-d-loop area of the mitochondrial DNA at the 8272 locus was detected by PCR in 139 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient samples. GGGGGTAGA insertion/deletion was found in a total of 16 cases (11.5%), including nine T cell lymphoma and seven B cell lymphoma cases. The 5-year survival rate was 33.3% in patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and MSI, and was… More
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  • Mir-1247 Affects the Proliferation, Invasion and Apoptosis of Osteosarcoma Cells through SOX9
  • Abstract Objective: This study aimed to explore the miR-1247-mediated promotion of osteosarcoma (OS) cell proliferation by SOX9. Methods: We recruited 97 OS patients admitted to our hospital (the observation group, OG) and 82 healthy people undergoing physical examinations (the control group, CG) over the same period into this study. The expression of miR-1247 and SOX9 in human OS cells in vitro was tested to determine the effect of miR-1247 and SOX9 on OS and to analyze the relationship between miR-1247 and SOX9. Results: We detected lowly expressed miR-1247 and highly expressed SOX9 in the peripheral blood of OS patients (P <… More
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  • Comprehensive Network Analysis of the Molecular Regulation Mechanism for Breast Cancer Metastasis
  • Abstract Breast cancer is one of malignant severe diseases that cause cancer death in women. Although research about the pathogenesis and studies about treatment mechanisms in breast cancer have become clear focuses, we have no clear conclusion yet. Therefore, this research is based on a modular approach to explore key factors and molecular mechanisms that affect breast cancer metastasis. First of all, it is necessary to download breast cancer-related data on the GEO database, and we analyzed the difference between primary tumors and metastatic lesions to obtain differential gene expression profiles. On this basis, a series of bioinformatics analyses were performed… More
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