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Journal of Quantum Computing

About the Journal

Journal of Quantum Computing is a high-impact, international journal publishing cutting-edge experimental and theoretical research in all areas of Quantum Computing and Information Science. Topics of interest include quantum computer science, Quantum machine learning, quantum secure communications, quantum information processing, quantum imaging and networking, quantum cryptography, entanglement and discord, quantum algorithms, quantum error correction and fault tolerance, and experimental platforms for quantum information.

  • Research and Analysis of WSN Node Location in Highway Traffic Based on Priority
  • Abstract With the rapid development of highway transportation in China, intelligent transportation has become an important part of the traffic structure, and wireless sensor networks are also widely used in intelligent transportation. However, in the wireless traffic sensor network, there is a certain error in the positioning of the anchor blind nodes. In the process of tracking the feedback information, the results of determining the position are very different. Based on the maximum degree of tension, the road traffic wireless Research and analysis of blind node location in sensor networks, and propose solutions and measures to reduce monitoring results. More
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  • Smart Contract Fuzzing Based on Taint Analysis and Genetic Algorithms
  • Abstract Smart contract has greatly improved the services and capabilities of blockchain, but it has become the weakest link of blockchain security because of its code nature. Therefore, efficient vulnerability detection of smart contract is the key to ensure the security of blockchain system. Oriented to Ethereum smart contract, the study solves the problems of redundant input and low coverage in the smart contract fuzz. In this paper, a taint analysis method based on EVM is proposed to reduce the invalid input, a dangerous operation database is designed to identify the dangerous input, and genetic algorithm is used to optimize the… More
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  • Analysis and Prediction of Regional Electricity Consumption Based on BP Neural Network
  • Abstract Electricity consumption forecasting is one of the most important tasks for power system workers, and plays an important role in regional power systems. Due to the difference in the trend of power load and the past in the new normal, the influencing factors are more diversified, which makes it more difficult to predict the current electricity consumption. In this paper, the grey system theory and BP neural network are combined to predict the annual electricity consumption in Jiangsu. According to the historical data of annual electricity consumption and the six factors affecting electricity consumption, the gray correlation analysis method is… More
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  • A Novel Method to against Quantum Noises in Quantum Teleportation
  • Abstract In order to improve the anti-noise performance of quantum teleportation, this paper proposes a novel dynamic quantum anti-noise scheme based on the quantum teleportation which transmits single qubit state using Bell state. Considering that quantum noise only acts on the transmitted qubit, i.e., the entangled state that Alice and Bob share in advance is affected by the noise, thus affecting the final transmission result. In this paper, a method for dynamically adjusting the shared entangled state according to the noise environment is proposed. By calculating the maximum fidelity of the output state to determine the shared entangled state, which makes… More
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  • Cipherchain: A Secure and Efficient Ciphertext Blockchain via mPECK
  • Abstract Most existing blockchain schemes are based on the design concept “openness and transparency” to realize data security, which usually require transaction data to be presented in the form of plaintext. However, it inevitably brings the issues with respect to data privacy and operating performance. In this paper, we proposed a novel blockchain scheme called Cipherchain, which can process and maintain transaction data in the form of ciphertext while the characteristics of immutability and auditability are guaranteed. Specifically in our scheme, transactions can be encrypted locally based on a searchable encryption scheme called multi-user public key encryption with conjunctive keyword search… More
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