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Journal of Information Hiding and Privacy Protectionfocuses on original papers addressing novel ideas, issues, theoretical analysis, implementation, experimental results, systems and applications in the field of Watermarking, Data Hiding, Multimedia Security, and Privacy Protection.

  • Realization of Mobile Augmented Reality System Based on Image Recognition
  • Abstract With the development of computation technology, the augmented reality (AR) is widely applied in many fields as well as the image recognition. However, the AR application on mobile platform is not developed enough in the past decades due to the capability of the mobile processors. In recent years, the performance of mobile processors has changed rapidly, which makes it comparable to the desktop processors. This paper proposed and realized an AR system to be used on the Android mobile platform based on the image recognition through EasyAR engine and Unity 3D development tools. In this system, the image recognition could… More
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  • The Design of Intelligent Wastebin Based on AT89S52
  • Abstract Mainly introduces intelligent classification trash can be dedicated to solving indoor household garbage classification. The trash can is based on AT89S52 single-chip microcomputer as the main control chip. The single-chip microcomputer realizes the intelligent classification of garbage by controlling the voice module, mechanical drive module, and infrared detection module. The use of voice control technology and infrared detection technology makes the trash can have voice control and overflow alarm functions. The design has the advantages of simple and intelligent operation, simple structure, stable performance, low investment, etc., which can further effectively isolate people and garbage, reduce human infection with bacteria,… More
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  • A Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm Based on Secret Sharing
  • Abstract In traditional secret sharing schemes, all shared images containing secret segments are needed to recover secret information. In this paper, a reversible data hiding scheme based on Shamir secret sharing is used. Secret information can be recovered even if only part of the encrypted sharing is owned. This method can reduce the vulnerability of traditional encryption sharing schemes to attack. Before uploading the secret information to the cloud server, embed the encrypted n segments of secret information into n different pictures. The receiver downloads t images from the cloud server (t < n), extracts the encrypted information using the watermark… More
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  • Adaptive Multi-Scale HyperNet with Bi-Direction Residual Attention Module for Scene Text Detection
  • Abstract Scene text detection is an important step in the scene text reading system. There are still two problems during the existing text detection methods: (1) The small receptive of the convolutional layer in text detection is not sufficiently sensitive to the target area in the image; (2) The deep receptive of the convolutional layer in text detection lose a lot of spatial feature information. Therefore, detecting scene text remains a challenging issue. In this work, we design an effective text detector named Adaptive Multi-Scale HyperNet (AMSHN) to improve texts detection performance. Specifically, AMSHN enhances the sensitivity of target semantics in… More
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  • Provenance Method of Electronic Archives Based on Knowledge Graph in Big Data Environment
  • Abstract With the advent of the era of big data, the Provenance Method of electronic archives based on knowledge graph under the environment of big data has produced a large number of electronic archives due to the development of science and technology. How to guarantee the credential characteristics of electronic archives in the big data environment has attracted wide attention of the academic community. Provenance is an important technical means to guarantee the certification of electronic archives. In this paper, knowledge graph technology is used to provide the concept provenance of electronic archives in large data environment. It not only enriches… More
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