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Journal on Big Data

About the Journal

Journal on Big Data is launched in a new area when the engineering features of big data are setting off upsurges of explorations in algorithms, raising challenges on big data, and industrial development integration; and novel paradigms in this cross–disciplinary field need to be constructed by translating complex innovative ideas from various fields.

  • Research on Copyright Protection Method of Material Genome Engineering Data Based on Zero-Watermarking
  • Abstract In order to effectively solve the problem of copyright protection of materials genome engineering data, this paper proposes a method for copyright protection of materials genome engineering data based on zero-watermarking technology. First, the important attribute values are selected from the materials genome engineering database; then, use the method of remainder to group the selected attribute values and extract eigenvalues; then, the eigenvalues sequence is obtained by the majority election method; finally, XOR the sequence with the actual copyright information to obtain the watermarking information and store it in the third-party authentication center. When a copyright dispute requires copyright authentication… More
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  • Research on the Development of Project Cost Informatization in the Era of Big Data
  • Abstract Under the background of big data, Informatization plays an important role in the development of the engineering cost industry. The rapid development of the industry and the increasing complexity of construction projects require higher standards of informatization. The current information processing methods and models have been difficultly to meet new requirements. Based on this, this study deeply analyzes the key factors that impede the informatization of engineering cost development, and tries to find corresponding solutions through theoretical analysis and empirical research to break these constraints. This will play a guiding role in the development of informatization in China's engineering cost… More
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  • A Survey on Adversarial Examples in Deep Learning
  • Abstract Adversarial examples are hot topics in the field of security in deep learning. The feature, generation methods, attack and defense methods of the adversarial examples are focuses of the current research on adversarial examples. This article explains the key technologies and theories of adversarial examples from the concept of adversarial examples, the occurrences of the adversarial examples, the attacking methods of adversarial examples. This article lists the possible reasons for the adversarial examples. This article also analyzes several typical generation methods of adversarial examples in detail: Limited-memory BFGS (L-BFGS), Fast Gradient Sign Method (FGSM), Basic Iterative Method (BIM), Iterative Least-likely… More
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  • Research on the Best Shooting State Based on the “Three Forces” Model
  • Abstract The shooting state during shooting refers to the basketball’s shooting speed, shooting angle and the ball’s rotation speed. The basketball flight path is also related to these factors. In this paper, based on the three forces of Gravity, Air Resistance and Magnus Force, the “Three Forces” model is established, the Kinetic equations are derived, the basketball flight trajectory is solved by simulation, and the best shot state when shooting is obtained through the shooting percentage. Compared with the “Single Force” model that only considers Gravity, the shooting percentage of the “Three Forces” model is higher. The reason is that the… More
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