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Journal on Big Data

About the Journal

Journal on Big Data is launched in a new area when the engineering features of big data are setting off upsurges of explorations in algorithms, raising challenges on big data, and industrial development integration; and novel paradigms in this cross–disciplinary field need to be constructed by translating complex innovative ideas from various fields.

  • Multi-Modality Video Representation for Action Recognition
  • Abstract Nowadays, action recognition is widely applied in many fields. However, action is hard to define by single modality information. The difference between image recognition and action recognition is that action recognition needs more modality information to depict one action, such as the appearance, the motion and the dynamic information. Due to the state of action evolves with the change of time, motion information must be considered when representing an action. Most of current methods define an action by spatial information and motion information. There are two key elements of current action recognition methods: spatial information achieved by sampling sparsely on… More
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  • Workload Allocation Based on User Mobility in Mobile Edge Computing
  • Abstract Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) has become the most possible network architecture to realize the vision of interconnection of all things. By offloading compute-intensive or latency-sensitive applications to nearby small cell base stations (sBSs), the execution latency and device power consumption can be reduced on resource-constrained mobile devices. However, computation delay of Mobile Edge Network (MEN) tasks are neglected while the unloading decision-making is studied in depth. In this paper, we propose a workload allocation scheme which combines the task allocation optimization of mobile edge network with the actual user behavior activities to predict the task allocation of single user. We… More
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  • Design and Implementation of Open Source Online Evaluation System Based on Cloud Platform
  • Abstract In order to provide a good practice platform for the program design contestants and algorithm enthusiasts, this paper designs and implements a programming online evaluation system based on cloud platform, which is a web system that can return the test results of the program source codes submitted by users in real time. It realizes the automatic evaluation of the program design training questions. The system is implemented by the way of front-end and backend separation and modular programming. The front-end of the web is implemented by Vue framework, the back-end is implemented by Django framework. The judgment core is written… More
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  • A Method of Disc Inclination Correction Based on the Inversion Model of Rotation Law
  • Abstract Under the traditional dynamic model, the conventional method for solving the rotation angle of a rigid body is to use the fixed-axis rotation law of the rigid body, but the known rotation shaft position must be used as a prerequisite. In practical work, for the rotation of a rigid body under multiple forces, solving the shaft is often a difficult problem. In this paper, we consider the rigid body of the disc is subjected to the force of uneven magnitude from multiple angles, the position of the rotating shaft is obtained by iterative inversion through the rigid body rotation law… More
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