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Computer Systems Science and Engineering

About the Journal

The Computer Systems Science and Engineering journal is devoted to the publication of high quality papers on theoretical developments in computer systems science, and their applications in computer systems engineering. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews and technical notes are invited for publication. Computer Systems Science and Engineering is going to publish monthly starting in January 2021.

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Previously published by CRL Publishing (, Computer Systems Science and Engineering starts to be published by Tech Science Press from the fifth issue of 2020 and supports Open Access Policy.

  • Event Trigger Recognition Based on Positive and Negative Weight Computing and its Application
  • Abstract Event trigger recognition is a sub-task of event extraction, which is important for text classification, topic tracking and so on. In order to improve the effectiveness of using word features as a benchmark, a new event trigger recognition method based on positive and negative weight computing is proposed. Firstly, the associated word feature, the part-of-speech feature and the dependency feature are combined. Then, the combination of these three features with positive and negative weight computing is used to identify triggers. Finally, the text classification is carried out based on the event triggers. Findings from our experiments show that the application… More
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  • Conjoint Knowledge Discovery Utilizing Data and Content with Applications in Business, Bio-medicine, Transport Logistics and Electrical Power Systems
  • Abstract In Digital Enterprises Structured Data and Semi/Unstructured Content are normally stored in two different repositories, with the first often being stored in relational Databases and the second in a content manager which is frequently at an external outsourcer. This storage of complementary information in two different silos has led to the information being processed and data mined separately which is undesirable. Effective knowledge and information use requires seamless access and intelligent analysis of information in its totality to allow enterprises to gain enhanced insights. In this paper, we develop techniques to carry out correlation of the information across different sources… More
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  • A Frame Work for Categorise the Innumerable Vulnerable Nodes in Mobile Adhoc Network
  • Abstract Researches in wireless mobile ad hoc networks have an inherent challenge of vulnerable diagnosis due to the diverse behaviour pattern of the vulnerable nodes causing heterogeneous vtype1, vtype2, vtupe3 and vtype4 faults. This paper proposes a protocol for the diagnosis of vulnerability nodes with threephases of clustering, vulnerable detection and vulnerable fault classification in wireless networks. This protocol employs the technique of probabilistic neural network for classification of vulnerable nodes and detects vulnerable nodes through timeout mechanism and vtype3, vtype4, vtype1, vtype2 nodes through the method of analysis variance. Network simulator NS-2.3.35 is employed for performance evaluation of the protocol. More
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  • Duty Cycling Centralized Hierarchical Routing Protocol With Content Analysis Duty Cycling Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Abstract In this paper, a Duty Cycling Centralized Hierarchical Protocol (DCCHP) has been proposed for wireless sensor networks. DCCHP is an energy efficient protocol that prolongs the lifetime of the network by applying a duty cycling mechanism named DCM that chooses the nodes that send unimportant data in a certain epoch to be candidates to be put to sleep. But if the proposed equations for choosing the cluster head nodes put any of them in a high priority it works in the active mode. When comparing DCCHP to the previously proposed LEACH-CS, LEACH-C protocols, using a simulation study, DCCHP in average… More
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  • Secure Information Access Strategy for a Virtual Data Centre
  • Abstract With the arrival of on-demand computing, data centre requirements are extensive, with fluid boundaries. Loaded Internet applications, service-oriented architectures, virtualization and security provisioning are the major operations of a data centre. Security is an absolute necessity of any network architecture, and the virtual IT data centre is no exception. At the boundary, security is focused on securing the terminals of the data centre from external threats and providing a secure gateway to the Internet. The paradigm shift towards a new computing environment makes communications more complicated for Infrastructure Providers (InP). This complexity includes the security of the data centre’s components… More
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  • Parametric Evaluation of Routing Algorithms in Network on Chip Architecture
  • Abstract Considering that routing algorithms for the Network on Chip (NoC) architecture is one of the key issues that determine its ultimate performance, several things have to be considered for developing new routing algorithms. This includes examining the strengths, capabilities, and weaknesses of the commonly proposed algorithms as a starting point for developing new ones.
    Because most of the algorithms presented are based on the well-known algorithms that are studied and evaluated in this research. Finally, according to the results produced under different conditions, better decisions can be made when using the aforementioned algorithms as well as when presenting new routing… More
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  • Implementation of Embedded Technology-Based English Speech Identification and Translation System
  • Abstract Due to the increase in globalization, communication between different countries has become more and more frequent. Language barriers are the most important issues in communication. Machine translation is limited to texts, and cannot be an adequate substitute for oral communication. In this study, a speech recognition and translation system based on embedded technology was developed for the purpose of English speech recognition and translation. The system adopted the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and Windows CE operating system. Experiments involving English speech recognition and EnglishChinese translation found that the accuracy of the system in identifying English speech was about 88%, and… More
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  • Location Related Signals with Satellite Image Fusion Method Using Visual Image Integration Method
  • Abstract Investigations were performed on a group utilizing (General Purpose Unit) GPU and executions were evaluated for the utilization of the created parallel usages to process satellite pictures from satellite Landsat7.The usage on a realistic group gives execution change from 2 to 18 times. The nature of the considered techniques was assessed by relative dimensionless global error in synthesis (ERGAS) and Quality Without Reference (QNR) measurements. The outcomes demonstrate execution picks ups and holding of value with the bunch of GPU contrasted with the outcomes and different analysts for a CPU and single GPU. The errand of upgrading the view of… More
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