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Computer Systems Science and Engineering

About the Journal

The Computer Systems Science and Engineering journal is devoted to the publication of high quality papers on theoretical developments in computer systems science, and their applications in computer systems engineering. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews and technical notes are invited for publication. Computer Systems Science and Engineering is published monthly by Tech Science Press.

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Science Citation Index (Web of Science): 2019 Impact Factor 0.278; Scopus Cite Score (Impact per Publication 2019): 1.2; SNIP (Source Normalized Impact per Paper 2019): 0.897; ACM Digital Library;

Previously published by CRL Publishing (, Computer Systems Science and Engineering starts to be published by Tech Science Press from the fifth issue of 2020 and supports Open Access Policy.

  • A Reliable NLP Scheme for English Text Watermarking Based on Contents Interrelationship
  • Abstract In this paper, a combined approach CAZWNLP (a combined approach of zero-watermarking and natural language processing) has been developed for the tampering detection of English text exchanged through the Internet. The third gram of alphanumeric of the Markov model has been used with text-watermarking technologies to improve the performance and accuracy of tampering detection issues which are limited by the existing works reviewed in the literature of this study. The third-grade level of the Markov model has been used in this method as natural language processing technology to analyze an English text and extract the textual characteristics of the given… More
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  • Prediction of COVID-19 Pandemic Spread in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Abstract A significant increase in the number of coronavirus cases can easily be noticed in most of the countries around the world. Inspite of the consistent preventive initiatives being taken to contain the spread of this virus, the unabated increase in the cases is both alarming and intriguing. The role of mathematical models in predicting and estimating the spread of the virus, and identifying various preventive factors dependencies has been found important and effective in most of the previous pandemics like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) 2003. In this research work, authors have proposed the Susceptible-Infectected-Removed (SIR) model variation in order… More
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  • New Fuzzy Fractional Epidemic Model Involving Death Population
  • Abstract In this research, we propose a new change in classical epidemic models by including the change in the rate of death in the overall population. The existing models like Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) and Susceptible-Infected-Recovered-Susceptible (SIRS) include the death rate as one of the parameters to estimate the change in susceptible, infected and recovered populations. Actually, because of the deficiencies in immunity, even the ordinary flu could cause death. If people’s disease resistance is strong, then serious diseases may not result in mortalities. The classical model always assumes a closed system where there is no new birth or death, no immigration or… More
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  • Impact of Tools and Techniques for Securing Consultancy Services
  • Abstract In a digital world moving at a breakneck speed, consultancy services have emerged as one of the prominent resources for seeking effective, sustainable and economically viable solutions to a given crisis. The present day consultancy services are aided by the use of multiple tools and techniques. However, ensuring the security of these tools and techniques is an important concern for the consultants because even a slight malfunction of any tool could alter the results drastically. Consultants usually tackle these functions after establishing the clients’ needs and developing the appropriate strategy. Nevertheless, most of the consultants tend to focus more on… More
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  • Cyber Security and Privacy Issues in Industrial Internet of Things
  • Abstract The emergence of industry 4.0 stems from research that has received a great deal of attention in the last few decades. Consequently, there has been a huge paradigm shift in the manufacturing and production sectors. However, this poses a challenge for cybersecurity and highlights the need to address the possible threats targeting (various pillars of) industry 4.0. However, before providing a concrete solution certain aspect need to be researched, for instance, cybersecurity threats and privacy issues in the industry. To fill this gap, this paper discusses potential solutions to cybersecurity targeting this industry and highlights the consequences of possible attacks… More
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  • Mechanical-Hydraulic Co-Simulation of Full Hydraulic Articulated Steering System
  • Abstract

    With the development and improvement of the hydraulic steering system, the articulated steering system became the research focus of numerous domestic and foreign scholars. The full hydraulic steering system with a compact structure and ease of operation, is widely used in articulated steering mode. Furthermore, its performance can directly impact the steering sensitivity and stability. This paper studies the working principle and actual structure of the priority valve and the steering control valve, which are very important. By setting up a mathematic model, the system’s load-sensing characteristics and the impact of steering control valve bypass throttle damping on steering stability… More

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  • Average Convergence for Directed & Undirected Graphs in Distributed Systems
  • Abstract Consensus control of multi-agent systems is an innovative paradigm for the development of intelligent distributed systems. This has fascinated numerous scientific groups for their promising applications as they have the freedom to achieve their local and global goals and make their own decisions. Network communication topologies based on graph and matrix theory are widely used in a various real-time applications ranging from software agents to robotics. Therefore, while sustaining the significance of both directed and undirected graphs, this research emphases on the demonstration of a distributed average consensus algorithm. It uses the harmonic mean in the domain of multi-agent systems… More
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  • Optimal Solution of Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers
  • Abstract In this paper a fuzzy transportation problem under a fuzzy environment is solved using octagonal fuzzy numbers. The transportation problem is significant and has been widely studied in the field of applied mathematics to solve a system of linear equations in many applications in science. Systems of concurrent linear equations play a vital major role in operational research. The main perspective of this research paper is to find out the minimum amount of transportation cost of some supplies through a capacitated network formerly the availability and the demand notes are octagonal fuzzy numbers. Octagonal fuzzy numbers are used and showed… More
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  • Chinese Relation Extraction on Forestry Knowledge Graph Construction
  • Abstract Forestry work has long been weak in data integration; its initial state will inevitably affect the forestry project development and decision-quality. Knowledge Graph (KG) can provide better abilities to organize, manage, and understand forestry knowledge. Relation Extraction (RE) is a crucial task of KG construction and information retrieval. Previous researches on relation extraction have proved the performance of using the attention mechanism. However, these methods focused on the representation of the entire sentence and ignored the loss of information. The lack of analysis of words and syntactic features contributes to sentences, especially in Chinese relation extraction, resulting in poor performance.… More
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  • An Evaluation of Value-Oriented Review for Software Requirements Specification
  • Abstract A software requirements specification (SRS) is a detailed description of a software system to be developed. This paper proposes and evaluates a lightweight review approach called value-oriented review (VOR) to detect defects in SRS. This approach comprises setting core values based on SRS and detecting the defects disturbing the core values. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, we conducted a controlled experiment to investigate whether reviewers could identify and record the core values based on SRS and find defects disturbing the core values. Results of the evaluation with 56 software engineers showed that 91% of the reviewers identified… More
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