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Journal of New Media

About the Journal

Journal of New Media (JNM) aims to provide a high quality and timely forum for researchers, engineers whose research interests focus on digital multimedia processing to share their state-of-the-art achievements, to learn the multimedia processing developments.

  • Research on Prediction Methods of Energy Consumption Data
  • Abstract This paper analyzes the energy consumption situation in Beijing, based on the comparison of common energy consumption prediction methods. Here we use multiple linear regression analysis, grey prediction, BP neural net-work prediction, grey BP neural network prediction combined method, LSTM long-term and short-term memory network model prediction method. Firstly, before constructing the model, the whole model is explained theoretically. The advantages and disadvantages of each model are analyzed before the modeling, and the corresponding advantages and disadvantages of these models are pointed out. Finally, these models are used to construct the Beijing energy forecasting model, and some years are selected… More
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  • An Intelligent Tumors Coding Method Based on Drools
  • Abstract In order to solve the problems of low efficiency and heavy workload of tumor coding in hospitals, we proposed a Drools-based intelligent tumors coding method. At present, most tumor hospitals use manual coding, the trained coders follow the main diagnosis selection rules to select the main diagnosis from the discharge diagnosis of the tumor patients, and then code all the discharge diagnoses according to the coding rules. Owing to different coders have different familiarity with the main diagnosis selection rules and ICD-10 disease coding, it will reduce the efficiency of the artificial coding results and affect the quality of the… More
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  • Emotion Recognition Using WT-SVM in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Abstract With the continuous development of the computer, people's requirements for computers are also getting more and more, so the brain-computer interface system (BCI) has become an essential part of computer research. Emotion recognition is an important task for the computer to understand social status in BCI. Affective computing (AC) aims to develop the model of emotions and advance the affective intelligence of computers. There are various emotion recognition approaches. The method based on electroencephalogram (EEG) is more reliable because it is higher in accuracy and more objective in evaluation than other external appearance clues such as emotion expression and gesture.… More
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  • Application of Wireless Network Positioning Technology Based on GPS in Geographic Information Measurement
  • Abstract Based on the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of GPS positioning system in practical application, this paper proposes the combination of wireless network positioning technology and GPS positioning system to overcome the low accuracy of GPS positioning system in the case of occlusion. This paper introduces in detail the principle of the application of wireless network positioning technology based on GPS positioning system in geographic information measurement, and illustrates its practical application in production by taking coal mine positioning as an example. More
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