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Journal of Cyber Security

About the Journal

Cybersecurity is the basis of information dissemination in the internet age.The Journal of Cyber Security focuses on all aspects of sciences, technologies, and applications relating to hardware security, software security and system security.

  • High Visual Quality Image Steganography Based on Encoder-Decoder Model
  • Abstract Nowadays, with the popularization of network technology, more and more people are concerned about the problem of cyber security. Steganography, a technique dedicated to protecting peoples’ private data, has become a hot topic in the research field. However, there are still some problems in the current research. For example, the visual quality of dense images generated by some steganographic algorithms is not good enough; the security of the steganographic algorithm is not high enough, which makes it easy to be attacked by others. In this paper, we propose a novel high visual quality image steganographic neural network based on encoder-decoder… More
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  • Image Feature Computation in Encrypted Domain Based on Mean Value
  • Abstract In smart environments, more and more teaching data sources are uploaded to remote cloud centers which promote the development of the smart campus. The outsourcing of massive teaching data can reduce storage burden and computational cost, but causes some privacy concerns because those teaching data (especially personal image data) may contain personal private information. In this paper, a privacy-preserving image feature extraction algorithm is proposed by using mean value features. Clients use block scrambling and chaotic map to encrypt original images before uploading to the remote servers. Cloud servers can directly extract image mean value features from encrypted images. Experiments… More
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  • Extracting Campus’ Road Network from Walking GPS Trajectories
  • Abstract Road network extraction is vital to both vehicle navigation and road planning. Existing approaches focus on mining urban trunk roads from GPS trajectories of floating cars. However, path extraction, which plays an important role in earthquake relief and village tour, is always ignored. Addressing this issue, we propose a novel approach of extracting campus’ road network from walking GPS trajectories. It consists of data preprocessing and road centerline generation. The patrolling GPS trajectories, collected at Hunan University of Science and Technology, were used as the experimental data. The experimental evaluation results show that our approach is able to effectively and… More
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  • Efficient Virtual Resource Allocation in Mobile Edge Networks Based on Machine Learning
  • Abstract The rapid growth of Internet content, applications and services require more computing and storage capacity and higher bandwidth. Traditionally, internet services are provided from the cloud (i.e., from far away) and consumed on increasingly smart devices. Edge computing and caching provides these services from nearby smart devices. Blending both approaches should combine the power of cloud services and the responsiveness of edge networks. This paper investigates how to intelligently use the caching and computing capabilities of edge nodes/cloudlets through the use of artificial intelligence-based policies. We first analyze the scenarios of mobile edge networks with edge computing and caching abilities,… More
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  • Guarantee Mechanism of Data Continuity for Electronic Record Based on Linked Data
  • Abstract In the field of electronic record management, especially in the current big data environment, data continuity has become a new topic that is as important as security and needs to be studied. This paper decomposes the data continuity guarantee of electronic record into a set of data protection requirements consisting of data relevance, traceability and comprehensibility, and proposes to use the associated data technology to provide an integrated guarantee mechanism to meet the above three requirements. More
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