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The International Journal of Mental Health Promotion (IJMHP) co-ordinates the dissemination of new research outcomes to all those involved in research, practice, and policymaking of mental health and mental health promotion, prevention and intervention program, together with mental disorder diagnosis and treatment. It was the first journal in the field and is essential reading for those with a personal or professional interest in this work.
Peer reviewed by an expert international board, the Journal is a comprehensive information resource which publishes material of distinction submitted by health services researchers, managers, health promotion professionals, educationalists, sociologists, health economists and practitioners, together with psychiatry and psychology researchers, clinical/medical staff from all branches of health and social care.

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  • Nonprecsion (Standard) Psychosocial Interventions for the Treatment of Mental Disorders
  • Abstract Advances in precision treatment promise to greatly improve the extent to which therapies for mental disorders are better matched to patient characteristics. At the same, we need to ensure that more readily disseminable and available nonprecison treatments are further developed as well. These treatments refer to standardized interventions that do not have to be individualized and are more readily available. Impetus for this call stems from the treatment gap, namely, the huge difference in the proportion of individuals who are in need of mental health services and who actually receive any form of treatment. The prevalence rates for mental disorders… More
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  • The Effects of Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program on Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Abstract Therapeutic horseback riding (THR) as an animal-assisted intervention is one of the innovative approaches emerging in the treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The current study was designed to investigate the effects of a 12-week, twice a week THR program on motor skills in sixty-eight children with ASD aged 5–10 years old. All participants selected met the DSM-V criteria for ASD, and a total of fifty-three participants completed the study. A randomized controlled trial design was utilized for the study. Data was collected via a pre-THR test, interim-THR test, and post-THR test to investigate the possible changes in… More
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  • Specific Types of Screen-Based Sedentary Time and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents
  • Abstract Purpose: Screen-based sedentary behavior (SSB) has been identified as risk factor for mental disorders in most of adolescents. However, there is little literature pertaining to the specific kinds of SSB and its connections with depressive symptoms in most of adolescents. In the present study, we are going to find out the connections between specific types of SSB and depressive symptoms in Chinese adolescents. Methods: A cross-sectional data based on 996 study participants of middle school students in Guangdong Province. SSB was evaluated by distributing the questionnaire of Health Behavior in School-aged Children, while depressive symptoms were evaluated using Chinese version… More
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  • COVID-19, Mental Health and Its Relationship with Workplace Accidents
  • Abstract The general objective of this article is to show the relationship that exists in the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental health of people and the propensity for work-related accidents in companies. Various results are shown that detail how COVID-19 has generated and is generating mental alterations in people such as post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD for its acronym in English. Likewise, data are presented that report the influence of mental health as a precursor to workplace accidents in different industries, with which it can be concluded that COVID-19 needs a comprehensive approach in companies to prevent it from negatively impacting workers and… More
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  • The Interaction and Life Experiences between the Patient and the Nurse Caring for the Patient with COVID-19 in Turkey: A Qualitative Dyadic Approach
  • Abstract Previous research and observations have shown that COVID-19 affected both patients’ and nurses’ mental health. Even in the best times, one of the best ways to improve patients’ experiences is to improve the health workers’ experience. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the patterns of interaction between patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and the nurses caring for them and to help them recognize the strengths of their relationship. In this study, we aimed that purposed to discover the interaction and life experiences between the COVID-19 patients and the nurses who provided care for them in Turkey. With the dyadic… More
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  • Influence of Blocking-Stressors on Post-90s Employees’ Occupational Mobility: The Chain Mediating Effect of Psychological Contracts and Negative Emotion
  • Abstract To clarify the mechanism of blocking-stressors, psychological contracts, and negative emotions on post-90s employees’ occupational mobility, based on the literature study, a hypothetical model of the relationship was established. Using the blocking-stressor, psychological contract, negative emotion, and occupational mobility scales, 317 post-90s employees were selected to investigate their status. It used correlation analysis and intermediary effect tests to verify the hypothesis model. The results showed that: first, there were significant positive correlations between blocking-stressors, negative emotions, and occupational mobility, while indicating a significant negative correlation with the psychological contract; second, blocking-stressors can directly and significantly predict occupational mobility; and third,… More
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  • Pathways to Psychiatry Care among Children with Mental Health Problems
  • Abstract Many children with mental health problems in Egypt, as in many other countries, do not receive the help they need. Investigating the pathways of care is crucial for the early detection and treatment of these children. This study examined referral patterns and the duration of untreated psychiatric illness of 350 children attending two urban clinical settings in Egypt. Diagnoses were made using the Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorder and Schizophrenia for School-aged children present and lifetime (K-SADS-PL), Child behavior checklist (CBCL,) and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. For 46.3%, the most distressing symptom was behavioral problems. A delay in seeking psychiatric… More
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  • Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depression, Anxiety and Stress in IBD Patients Undergoing Intravenous Biological Therapy during the COVID-19 Pandemic-Montenegro Experience
  • Abstract Throughout its duration, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has been affecting lives worldwide and has had a sizeable impact on mental health, particularly for those who already suffer from a chronic illnesses. Depression, Anxiety and Stress (DAS) are common psychiatric comorbidities in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. This study aims to determine the prevalence and risk factors for moderate and severe symptoms of DAS in IBD patients have been undergoing intravenous biological therapy (IvBTh) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study was conducted between September 1st and November 30th, 2020 at the Clinical Center of Montenegro-IBD unit, where all patients… More
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  • Multitasking Behavior and Perceptions of Academic Performance in University Business Students in Mexico during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Abstract The current study measures the influence of multitasking behavior and self-efficacy for self-regulated learning (SESRL) on perceptions of academic performance and views in university students during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico. 264 university students fulfilled an online questionnaire. It was observed that multitasking behavior negatively influences SESRL (−0.203), while SESRL showed a positive influence of 0.537 on perceptions of academic performance, and multitasking behavior had an influence of −0.097 on the perception of academic performance. Cronbach’s alpha and Average Variance Extracted values were 0.809 and 0.577 (multitasking behavior), 0.819 and 0.626 (SESRL), 0.873 and 0.725 (perceptions of academic performance), respectively.… More
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  • An Exploratory Investigation of Difficulties in Applying Functional Behavior Assessment and Implementing Behavioral Intervention Plans in ADHD Programs in Saudi Arabia
  • Abstract Functional behavior assessment (FBA) and behavioral intervention plans (BIPs) can be effective for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); however, teachers may face difficulties when implementing FBA procedures and, in turn, BIPs because of lack of time, insufficient training, and multiplicity of beliefs. Thus, it is important to identify the difficulties teachers may face and the obstacles that can deter them from implementing intervention plans. This is a worthwhile endeavor because nearly all classrooms will have students with behavioral problems who will benefit from specifically designed educational interventions. This study aimed to identify the difficulties in applying FBA and… More
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