Vol.2, No.3, 2020, pp.121-127, doi:10.32604/jiot.2020.010200
Design and Research of Intelligent Alcohol Detector Based on Single Chip Microcomputer
  • Xiaokan Wang*, Qiong Wang
Henan Mechanical and Electrical Vocational College, Zhengzhou, 451191, China
* Corresponding Author: Xiaokan Wang. Email: wxkbbg@163.com
Received 18 March 2020; Accepted 25 June 2020; Issue published 16 September 2020
In order to prevent drunk driving timely and protect personal safety, a kind of vehicle-loaded alcohol concentration detector based on single chip microcomputer control is designed. The detector usesAT89C51 microcontroller as the core, makes use of the gas sensor, A/D converter to detect the alcohol concentration of the breath of the driver, can set different thresholds according to the space of the car model, automatically cut off the ignition circuit for the exceeded threshold, and has the sound and light alarm function, which fundamentally solve the problem of drunk driving. The instrument is compact in size, stable in performance, convenient in installation and debugging, and of practical significance.
Single Chip Microcomputer; Alcohol Sensor; A/D converter; detector
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Wang, X., Wang, Q. (2020). Design and Research of Intelligent Alcohol Detector Based on Single Chip Microcomputer. Journal on Internet of Things, 2(3), 121–127.
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