Vol.1, No.3, 2019, pp.143-155, doi:10.32604/jihpp.2019.07772
Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Emergency Environment
  • Yuankun Yan1,*, Yan Kong1, Zhangjie Fu1,2
1 School of Computer & Software, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Nanjing, China.
2 Jiangsu Engineering Center of Network Monitoring, School of Computer and Software, Nanjing, China.
* Corresponding Author: Yuankun Yan. Email: yanyuankun@163.com.
Nowadays, emergency accidents could happen at any time. The accidents occur unpredictably and the accidents requirements are diversely. The accidents happen in a dynamic environment and the resource should be cooperative to solve the accidents. Most methods are focusing on minimizing the casualties and property losses in a static environment. However, they are lack in considering the dynamic and unpredictable event handling. In this paper, we propose a representative environmental model in representation of emergency and dynamic resource allocation model, and an adaptive mathematical model based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) to generate an optimal set of solution domain. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can get a set of better candidate solutions.
Cooperative allocation, dynamic resource scheduling, adaptive genetic algorithm
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