Vol.1, No.2, 2019, pp.61-68, doi:10.32604/jihpp.2019.05943
Research on Privacy Preserving Data Mining
  • Pingshui Wang1,*, Tao Chen1,2, Zecheng Wang1
Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Bengbu, 233030, China.
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 66045, USA.
*Corresponding Author: Pingshui Wang. Email: .
In recent years, with the explosive development in Internet, data storage and data processing technologies, privacy preservation has been one of the greater concerns in data mining. A number of methods and techniques have been developed for privacy preserving data mining. This paper provided a wide survey of different privacy preserving data mining algorithms and analyzed the representative techniques for privacy preservation. The existing problems and directions for future research are also discussed.
Privacy preserving data mining, randomization, anonymization, secure multi-party computation.
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P. . Wang, T. . Chen and Z. . Wang, "Research on privacy preserving data mining," Journal of Information Hiding and Privacy Protection, vol. 1, no.2, pp. 61–68, 2019.
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