Aims & Scope

Journal on Big Data

ISSN: 2579-0048 (Print)

ISSN: 2579-0056 (Online)

Journal on Big Data is launched in a new area when the engineering features of big data are setting off upsurges of explorations in algorithms, raising challenges on big data, and industrial development integration; and novel paradigms in this cross –disciplinary field need to be constructed by translating complex innovative ideas from various fields. 

Towards a new mission in harnessing big data for technology advancement and human development, we publish highly innovative peer reviewed articles which contribute to the new paradigms and have practical and scalable benefits for industrial, social and economic development. 

To effectively support the transformative changes implied by big data, our journal encourages continuous deepening understanding in traditional focus in big data, including: 

 Big data collection, storage and transfer
 Big data visualization
 Big data infrastructure
 Big data standards
 Big data performance analyses
 Big data management
 Big data security and privacy protection
 Machine learning and AI for big data

Furthermore, in particular, we welcome evidence-based research on big data’s impact on achieving sustainable development in global level, which may include case studies and quantitative analysis with cross-sectoral, cross-regional and global vision on themes concerning development of infrastructure, health, transportation, environment protection, as well as development policy recommendation.