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Evaluation Model of Farmer Training Effect Based on AHP–A Case Study of Hainan Province

Shengjie Li, Chaosheng Tang*

School of Computer and Cyberspace Security, Hainan University, Haikou, 570228, China

* Corresponding Author: Chaosheng Tang. Email:

Journal on Artificial Intelligence 2021, 3(2), 55-62.


On the basis of studying the influencing factors of training effect evaluation, this paper constructs an AHP-fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model for farmers’ vocational training activities in Hainan Province to evaluate farmers’ training effect, which overcomes the limitations of traditional methods. Firstly, the content and index system of farmer training effect evaluation are established by analytic hierarchy process, and the weight value of each index is determined. Then, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation (FCE) of farmer training effect is carried out by using multi-level FCE. The joint use of AHP and FCE improves the reliability and effectiveness of the evaluation process and results. The overall comprehensive evaluation result of the farmer training effect evaluation is “good”.


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S. Li and C. Tang, "Evaluation model of farmer training effect based on ahp–a case study of hainan province," Journal on Artificial Intelligence, vol. 3, no.2, pp. 55–62, 2021.

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