Advanced Achievements of Intelligent and Secure Systems for the Next Generation Computing

Submission Deadline: 31 March 2023 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Dr. Ilsun You, Kookmin University, South Korea.
Dr. Nik Bessis, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom.
Dr. Gokhan Kul, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, United States.
Dr. Sang-Woong Lee, Gachon University, South Korea.


Computers and ICT technologies have changed most aspects of our daily lives. The current pace of the digital transformation and its acceleration have caused the constantly growing need for effective, efficient, and secure computing systems. Hence, computer scientists and engineers currently put more effort than ever for improving the performance and security of computing systems, thereby going beyond traditional limits to support the digital transformation evolution. In order to maintain the momentum and enhance the current computing environment, we need innovative scientific developments in the wide range of topics of artificial intelligent systems, neural networks, cybersecurity, etc. This special issue seeks high-quality papers on the vast computing field which introduce advanced approaches that can contribute to improving the current computing environment, tackling various and difficult technical challenges. We welcome the recent advances and theoretical progress in various topics which include but are not limited to the following:



- Innovative AI powered applications in 5G/6G network environments

- Cyber security and privacy for digital transformation

- Intelligent and trustworthy high performance computing

- Advanced graph networks, deep neural networks and machine learning

- Applications of neural networks in data analytic

- Cryptography and network security

- AI security and forensics technologies

- Smart cities, secure applications and smart buildings

- Power energy, power management and smart analytics

- Smart mobility, intelligent transportation and logistics

- Big data, systems automation, IoT analytics

- Dashboards, visual computing and disruptive technologies

- Distributed AI systems and architectures

- Smart healthcare and medical information analysis

- AI-based bioinformatics


Next generation computing, AI powered applications, Cybersecurity, Digital transformation

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