Intelligent Systems for Diversified Application Domains

Submission Deadline: 20 February 2023 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Sita Rani, Gulzar Group of Institutions, India.
Dr. J.P.C. Rodrigues, Federal University of Piaui ( UFPI), Portugal.
Dr. Ashish Khanna, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, India.


In the current era, we are surrounded by intelligent systems and machines. Due to rapid development, these systems have captured almost every sphere of day-to-day life. These are specialized technologically developed models that observe and reciprocate to the surrounding environment. The most dominating technology of the time, i.e., Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in the design of intelligent systems. But they are conflux of other subject area too likewise Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Algorithms, Numerical Methods, Pattern Recognition, Data Analytics, and Data Structures. Along with, IoT-based smart applications and models also contribute enormously in the development of intelligent machines. The fundamental aim of these systems is to communicate with human users and other peer-systems in highly evolving and dynamic phenomenal and social environment. Robots are one of the common examples of intelligent systems that can observe, make decisions, and work accordingly to complete the tasks in the physical environment. Intelligent systems and models have been deployed in a variety of domains like Healthcare, Intelligent Transportation, Avionics, Surveillance, Education, Industry 5.0, Entertainment, and Agriculture. Uncertainty about the gathered information and decisions, high degree of dynamism, high time complexity, and mapping of data/information from one format to another are soma of the major challenges faced the design and development of these systems.


This special issue is aimed to bring together the research and state-of-art review papers on algorithms, technologies, challenges, and possible future research directions in the design and development of intelligent models and systems in diversified application domains, broadly any paper presenting new development in the in the area of intelligent systems.


The main topics focused under this special issue include (but not limited to) the following:


• Algorithms and Technologies in the Design of Intelligent Systems

• Intelligent Applications in Smart Agriculture

• Intelligent Models and Systems for Healthcare

• Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing in Disease Diagnosis

• Design and Deployment of Efficient Intelligent Educational Models

• Design of Intelligent Transportation System to Administer Traffic Challenges

• Intelligent Systems and Applications in Industrial Automation

• Intelligent Systems for Big Data Analytics

• Design and Implementation of Intelligent Avionics Systems

• Design and Deployment Challenges in Intelligent Systems


Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, Avionics, Big Data Analytics, Healthcare Industry 5.0, Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things, Machine Learning.

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