Vol.16, No.4, 2020, pp.699-707, doi:10.32604/fdmp.2020.09481
Dynamic Simulation Analysis of the Working Device of a ZL50 Loader
  • Guiju Zhang1,2, Caiyuan Xiao1,2,*
1 Key Laboratory of Hunan Province for Efficient Power System and Intelligent Manufacturing, Shaoyang, 422000, China
2 College of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Shaoyang University, Shaoyang, 422000, China
* Corresponding Author: Caiyuan Xiao. Email: xiaocaiyuan1999@sina.com
Received 19 December 2019; Accepted 23 April 2020; Issue published 11 August 2020
In this study, assuming a certain type of wheel loader as the main objective of the research, the performances of the working device of the loader are investigated on the basis of an in-house code. After creating a three-dimensional model of the working device using Solidworks, this model has been imported into the dynamic simulation software ADAMS, and the simulation problem has been completed by adding the relevant constraints and loadings. The load stress curve relating to the main connecting point of the working device has been obtained in the frame work of this approach and it has been shown that the movement characteristics are compatible with (i.e., they match) the actual working conditions. The present study may be regarded as a theoretical basis for the design and improvement of the working device of a vast category of wheel loaders.
ADAMS; working device; solidworks; wheel loader; dynamic simulation
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Zhang, G., Xiao, C. (2020). Dynamic Simulation Analysis of the Working Device of a ZL50 Loader. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 16(4), 699–707.
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