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Fluid Flow and Materials Strength related to the Wellbore Safety

Submission Deadline: 01 October 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Bo Zhang, CNPC Research Institute of Safety and Environment Technology, China
Dr. Jun Yang, Changzhou Uuniversity, China
Dr. Qing Wang, CNPC Drilling Engineering Research Insitute, China
Dr. Weiqing Chen, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia


Wellbore safety is an important issue in the development underground energy and carbon underground storage. However, there are many challenges for the wellbore safety. Up to now, many serious accidents have been reported, like Deepwater Horizon blowout and wellbore leakage in Aliso Canyon underground gas storage. These challenges and accidents are all related to fluid flow and materials strength, such as gas invasion, fluid leakage, annular pressure, casing damage and cement integrity failure. Therefore, this special issue aims to present and disseminate the most recent advances in the fluid flow and materials strength related to the wellbore safety. This special issue covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

1.Gas invasion and gas kick in complex formation

2.Casing strength evaluation and failure analysis

3.Cement sheath integrity failure and potential risk

4.Fluid leakage in the wellbore of geothermal energy

5.Cutting movement in long horizontal well

6.Geological risk caused by gas hydrate decomposition


Wellbore safety; integrity and leakage; fluid flow; materials strengthen evaluation

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