Special Issue "Nanoscale Flow and Nanomaterial Fabrication"

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2020 (closed)
Guest Editors
Jihuan He, Soochow University, China


Nanoscale fluid mechanics plays an important role in nanomaterial fabrication in electrospinning and 3-D printing technology. This special issue focuses on the spinning, printing or writing process in a view of nanoscale flow to control nanoparticles or molecules’ distribution and orientation in the fabricated objects. Nature-inspired fabrication technologies are specially emphasized.

Nanofiber; electrospinning; bubble electrospinning; two-scale fractal calculus; two-scale thermodynamics; nanoscale flow; nanofibers; nano/micro device; 3-d printing; writing; functional materials.

Published Papers
  • Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Polylactic Acid Micro/Nanofibers under Different Solvent Conditions
  • Abstract Electrospinning is a versatile and popular method for the fabrication of ultrafine fibers and many parameters in electrospinning can be adjusted when ideal micro/nanofibers are required. In particular, the selection of a proper solvent condition is a fundamental and crucial step to produce electrospun ultrafine fibers. In this study, a commonly used biomaterial, polylactic acid (PLA), was dissolved in 7 different solvents and PLA micro/nanofibers were prepared by electrospinning. The morphology, porosity, mechanical property and static contact angle were characterized to determine the quality of the obtained product. The results show that different solvent conditions have a significant effect on… More
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