Special Issue "Fluid Structure Interaction in Various Engineering Field"

Submission Deadline: 01 April 2021
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Guest Editors
Dr. Adi Azriff Bin Basri, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is referred to the pressure contact of a flexible solid structure with a flowing fluid causing structures to deform. Thus, the flow field created from the altered deformed structure exerts another form of pressure on the structure. The process may repeat and produce an interrelation between the fluid pressure and structural deformation.

The application of FSI simulation is widely used in various studies such as hydro-elasticity, aero-elasticity, thermal deformation,flow-induced vibration, blood vessel,heart failure, stenosed and etc.

Fluid Structure Interaction, FSI Simulation, Fluid Solid Interaction, FSI application in aerospace and biomedical engineering

Published Papers
  • The Elaboration of Flow Resistance Model for a Bag Filter Serving a 200 MW Power Plant
  • Abstract On the basis of a macro flow resistance method and the Darcy Theory, a mathematical model is elaborated to characterize the flow resistance of a bag filter serving a coal-fired power plant. The development of the theoretical model is supported through acquisition of relevant data obtained by scanning the micro structure of the bag filter by means of an electron microscope. The influence of the running time and boiler load on the flow resistance and the impact of the flow resistance on the efficiency of the induced draft fan are analyzed by comparing the results of on-site operation tests. We… More
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