Special Issue "Recent Advances in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences"

Submission Deadline: 08 March 2021
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Guest Editors
Dr. Jingying Wang, Shandong University, wjy_sdu@sdu.edu.cn


The independent or coupled processes of fluid flow and heat transfer commonly occur in many science and engineering problems, such as blood circulation, weather forecast, combustion, material processing, heat exchanger and aerodynamic heating, etc. This special issue aims to highlight recent advances in fluid mechanics and thermal sciences (RAFT), and theoretical, numerical and experimental research on any science and engineering problems are all welcome. Original and review articles on RAFT are both encouraged, including but not limited to the following potential topics: 

• Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics

• Energy and Power Engineering

• Marine Engineering

• Building Environment

• Pollution Control

• Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

• Biofluid and Bioheat

• Advanced Manufacture

Hydrodynamics, Aerodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Marine Engineering, Building Environment, Pollution Control, Chemical Engineering, Biofluid, Advanced Manufacture

Published Papers

  • Analysis of Bubble Behavior in a Horizontal Rectangular Channel under Subcooled Flow Boiling Conditions
  • Abstract Experiments on subcooled flow boiling have been conducted using water in a rectangular flow channel. Similar to the coolant channel in internal combustion engines (IC engines), the flow channel in this experiment was asymmetrically heated. Bubble images were captured using a high speed camera from the side view of the channel. The experimental conditions in terms of bulk temperature, bulk velocity, pressure and heat flux ranged from 65°C–75°C, 0.25 m/s–0.75 m/s, 1–1.7 bar and 490 kW/m2–700 kW/m2, respectively. On the basis of these tests, a statistical analysis of the bubble size has been conducted considering a population of 1400 samples.… More
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