Aims & Scope

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing

ISSN: 1555-256X (Print)

ISSN: 1555-2578 (Online)

The Journal is intended to cover typical topics of fluid dynamics and materials science in their various realizations and manifestations at various (from the nano to the lab or industrial) scales in many sub- fields of engineering (mechanical, thermal, chemical, biomedical, nuclear, civil, naval, aeronautical and aerospace engineering).

Relevant subjects include the treatment, processing and manufacturing of metals and related alloys, salts, semiconductors, nanofibers, nanofluid , nano-enhanced heat transfer, crystals amd nanoparticles of various kinds, foams, plastics, polymers and other macromolecular substances (such as, e.g., proteins) in their solid or “fluid” (or “fluidized”) state. Both inorganic or organic fluids or substances are covered, including special cases such as cement, ceramic materials, resins, soil, food and biological samples of various kinds.

Studies on the problems of fluid/structure or fluid/material interaction, porous substances, processes with phase change and the dynamics of various multi-phase and multi-component systems are welcome.

Any submission related to applications of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, porous media mechanics and nanomechanics to materials science is welcome. In practice, the Journal is conceived to demonstrate the relevance of computational and/or experimental studies to fluid-dynamic analysis and materials science for a broad variety of situations and fields.