Special Issue Titles and Editors Submission Deadline Status  
Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Energy
(Editors: K.Sudhakar; S. Shanmuga Priya; Erdem Cuce)
30 September 2021 Closed
Advancement of Understanding of PM2.5 and Hg Emissions and Their Control Technologies for Cleaner Combustion
(Editors: Dunxi Yu; M. Mercedes Díaz Somoano; Shuiqing Li; Lian Zhang; Changdong Sheng; Yongchun Zhao)
30 September 2021 Closed
Advanced Heat Pump Technologies for Renewable Energy Utilization
(Editors: Wei Wu; Tian You; Zongwei Han)
30 September 2021 Closed
Advances in Modern Electric Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Behnam Mohammadi-Ivatloo; Omar H. Abdalla; Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam; Amin Mohammadpour-Shotorbani; Hady H. Fayek)
01 August 2021 Closed
The Role of Artificial Intelligence for Modeling and Optimizing the Energy Systems
(Editors: Ali Khosravi; Timo Laukkanen; Mohammad Malekan; Mamdouh El Haj Assad; Juan José Garcia Pabon)
15 May 2021 Closed
Advances in Energy Conversion for Next-Generation Smart Cities
(Editors: Marimuthu Karuppiah; Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry; Mohammed H. Alsharif)
10 May 2021 Closed
Advances in Energy Efficiency for Smart City Environment
(Editors: Gunasekaran Manogaran; Hassan Qudrat-Ullah; Qin Xin)
18 April 2021 Closed
Sustainable Energy Management in Intelligent Transportation
(Editors: Ali Kashif Bashir; M. Omair Shafiq; Nawab Muhammad Faseeh Qureshi; Muhammad Shafiq)
19 January 2021 Closed
Advancements in Renewable Energy Systems with AI, Big Data, BlockChain, IoT, and Machine Learning Applications
(Editors: M. Premkumar; S. Umashankar; T. Sudhakar Babu)
31 December 2020 Closed