Vol.69, No.2, 2021, pp.1611-1629, doi:10.32604/cmc.2021.016803
GUI-Based DL-Network Designer for KISTI’s Supercomputer Users
  • Jaegwang Lee, Jongsuk R. Lee, Sunil Ahn*
Korea Institute Science and Technology Information, Daejeon, 34141, Korea
* Corresponding Author: Sunil Ahn. Email:
(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Deep Learning Trends in Intelligent Systems)
Received 12 January 2021; Accepted 07 March 2021; Issue published 21 July 2021
With the increase in research on AI (Artificial Intelligence), the importance of DL (Deep Learning) in various fields, such as materials, biotechnology, genomes, and new drugs, is increasing significantly, thereby increasing the number of deep-learning framework users. However, to design a deep neural network, a considerable understanding of the framework is required. To solve this problem, a GUI (Graphical User Interface)-based DNN (Deep Neural Network) design tool is being actively researched and developed. The GUI-based DNN design tool can design DNNs quickly and easily. However, the existing GUI-based DNN design tool has certain limitations such as poor usability, framework dependency, and difficulty encountered in changing GUI components. In this study, a deep learning algorithm that solves the problem of poor usability was developed using a template to increase the accessibility for users. Moreover, the proposed tool was developed to save and share only the necessary parts for quick operation. To solve the framework dependency, we applied ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange), which is an exchange standard for neural networks, and configured it such that DNNs designed with the existing deep-learning framework can be imported. Finally, to address the difficulty encountered in changing GUI components, we defined and developed the JSON format to quickly respond to version updates. The developed DL neural network designer was validated by running it with KISTI’s supercomputer-based AI Studio.
Deep neural network design; ONNX; GUI design tool; deep learning
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Lee, J., Lee, J. R., Ahn, S. (2021). GUI-Based DL-Network Designer for KISTI’s Supercomputer Users. CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, 69(2), 1611–1629.
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