Vol.43, No.2, 2014, pp.97-108, doi:10.3970/cmc.2014.043.097
Magneto-Mechanical Finite Element Analysis of Single Crystalline Ni2MnGa Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy
  • Yuping Zhu1,2, Tao Chen1, Kai Yu1
Institute of Mechanics & Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, China.
Corresponding author. Tel: +86 511-88780197; E-mail: zhuyuping@126.com
Based on an existing micromechanical constitutive model for Ni2MnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy single crystals, a three-dimensional quasi-static isothermal incremental constitutive model that is suitable for finite element analysis is derived by using Hamilton's variational principle. This equation sets up the coupling relation between the magnetic vector potential and the mechanical displacement. By using the incremental equation and ANSYS software, the mechanical behaviors of martensitic variant reorientation for Ni2MnGa single crystals are analyzed under magneto-mechanical coupling action. And the finite element results agree well with the experimental data. The methods used in the paper can well describe the mechanical behaviors of the material in complex fields.
Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy, Magneto-mechanical coupling, Finite element analysis, Mechanical behaviors.
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Y. . Zhu, T. . Chen and K. . Yu, "Magneto-mechanical finite element analysis of single crystalline ni2mnga ferromagnetic shape memory alloy," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 43, no.2, pp. 97–108, 2014.
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