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New Advancements in Computer Modeling and Simulations based on Fluid Dynamics and Renewable Energy Concepts

Submission Deadline: 30 November 2023 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Afshin Davarpanah, Islamic Azad University, SRBIAU, Iran


The hydrodynamics of complex fluids are of importance in such science and engineering fields as material science, fluid mechanics, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering, and chemical engineering. Due to the complicated behavior of complex fluids, conventional modeling is often not accurate. Complex fluids can be found in systems such as multiphase flows, colloidal dispersions, and polymeric liquids. These systems are known to exhibit such rheological flow behaviors as shear thinning, yield-pseudoplasticity, shear-thickening, and viscoelasticity.


Although there are considerable experimental and theoretical studies on the rheology and hydrodynamics of complex fluids, performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulations is not yet very common for complex fluids. There are various challenges linked to this type of modeling, such as the requirement of the accurate presentation of complex geometries, the complex of fluids, the possible interactions among the phases and particles, the possible reactions within the system, the dispersion and suspensions of gas/liquid, and solid particles, respectively.


We genially invite your contribution to this Special Issue, which will feature the latest developments in the CFD modeling and simulation of complex fluids in environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical and biological engineering, materials processing, advanced manufacturing, petroleum engineering, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic processing, and other related areas. Contributions describing the application of CFD for complex fluids; the development of new models involving CFD; innovations in numerical methods/algorithms; and the integration of CFD modeling and simulation of complex fluids


in the process design, control, and optimization are all welcome. Both original research and topical reviews will be considered (authors interested in contributing a review article are asked to discuss its topic scope with the Guest Editors as early as possible). Contributions that feature the methods or application of CFD for addressing the behavior of complex fluids are particularly welcome.


Fluid dynamics
Carbon capture and storage
Thermal methods
Exergy analysis
Multi-phase flow
Mathematical modeling
Thermal-heat recovery
Robots applications
Sensors and electrcical engineering
Optimizing the Water Distribution Systems desig

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