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Cognitive Computing and Systems in Education and Research

Submission Deadline: 15 April 2023 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Prof. Xinguo Yu, Central China Normal University, China.
Dr. Jun Shen, University of Wollongong, Australia.
Dr. Yuan Sun, National Institute of Informatics, Japan.


In the recent years, artificial intelligence is evolving from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence. Education and scientific research are two active areas of cognitive intelligence. To promote the research in cognitive computing and systems in education and research, Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in education, Central China Normal University and Hubei Society of Artificial Intelligence in Research and Education jointly established the international annual conference named as International Conference on Intelligent Education and Intelligent Research (IEIR). IEIR 2022 is the first conference, which we have use a long period to prepare for it. Cognitive computing and systems in education and research have a long list of topics, however this special issue mainly promote the following four active research topics: Cognitive Computing in Teaching and Learning; Cognitive Computing in Research; Applications Built on Cognitive Computing for Education or Research; Metaverse Education. All these four topics are very active and fruitful in the past several years. Many research teams that work on these topics will attend IEIR 2022. Hence, we can select a batch of high-quality papers to form a special issue on your journal.

Topics of this special issue include but are not limited to the following:

*  Cognitive Computing in Teaching and Learning   

* Cognitive Computing in Research  

* Applications Built on Cognitive Computing in Education and Research

* Metaverse Education


Cognitive Computing, Humanoid Reasoning, Research Modelling, AI Aided Research, Humanoid Education Systems

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